Smog: How it affects a eye

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First, it was a irritation, later, Debiparna Chakraborty saw that her eyes were red and swollen. The 28-year-old media veteran has been vital in Delhi for 4 years now and of late, a time during and after Diwali has turn intensely perplexing for her. This year was no better. “My eyes have been tingling and irked given a fog set in. Some days we arise adult with distended red eyes. we have to dash it with H2O several times a day,” she says. “Sometimes even that doesn’t help. Nor does atmosphere purifiers,” she adds. At benefaction on antibiotics, Chakraborty says a medicines have helped in curbing a itchiness.

Anjali Nayar, another media veteran says, “Post Diwali, we would knowledge exasperation in my eyes after a bike float or if we spent too many time outside. My eyes used to annoy and afterwards they would turn watery. Sometimes it occurred in only one eye, during other times in both”.  The means of annoy was a same as Chakraborty’s – smog.

A thick mist of fog has enveloped a city for days now. On Tuesday (November 13) a PTI news settled that a atmosphere peculiarity in a collateral remained severe. According to a same report, a turn of PM2.5 (particles in a atmosphere with a hole of reduction than 2.5 micrometres) and PM10 (particles in a atmosphere with a hole of reduction than 10 micrometres) in was available during 238 and 399 respectively in Delhi.

The wickedness has serious health hazards and affects a eye as well. Dr Sudipto Pakrasi, who leads a Ophthalmology multiplication during Medanta, Gurgaon, admits that a magnitude of patients angry of eye soreness, redness, blazing prodigy increases significantly post Diwali each year.

“Post-Diwali we see a outrageous boost in a series of people entrance with these symptoms. These are associated to ordinarily found atmosphere pollutants like CO monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, arsenic, asbestos, benzene, lead, chlorofluorocarbons, particulate matters, and dioxin,” he says.

“During Diwali, a many common conditions that people knowledge and come to an eye dilettante for is allergic conjunctivitis. This causes redness in a eye and watering. The boost in a dirt turn leads to becloud vision,” says Dr Radhi Malar, Ophthalmologist during a Fortis Malar Hospital.

At such times, holding simple surety measures go a enlarged way. “Try to wear eyeglasses during this time. They act as a barrier. However, do equivocate hit lenses as they tend to irritate allergy,” says Dr Parul Sharma, Ophthalmologist at Max Multi Speciality Centre Panchsheel Park and Max Hospital Gurgaon.

“General hygiene is a contingency when it comes to avoiding eye problems. Washing of hands, wearing protecting eye wear like polarized sunglasses while travelling outward and progressing a good and healthy lifestyle is important,” Malar says. However, Pakrasi maintains that in box redness in a eye persists, or there is a enlarged blazing prodigy in a eyes for some time, consulting a alloy is a must.

The outcome of fog is not a new phenomenon. Milap Kashyap, a 25-year-old who works during a corporate bank, recollects a shock he faced final year. “Last year during Diwali, my eyes tinged and after 4 days, a skinny blue line seemed along with a redness. Panicking, we went to deliberate a doctor. He gave me some medicines and suggested that we do some tests,” he says. “However, things fast worsened and my eyesight in my left eye became blurred. we visited Center for Sight in Safdurjung where we had to bear a integrate of some-more tests. After some alloy consultation, we was finally given eyeglasses with cylindrical numbers. we wore it for 10 days and afterwards gradually recovered,” he added.

The problem, clearly, has turn a tie with a gratifying season. Long after a hint from a crackers has been put out, a dim cloud of dejection surrounds us and it refuses to subside.

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