Skripal case: US sanctions over Novichok strike Russian rouble

Media captionLaura Foster explains how a Novichok haughtiness representative works

The Russian rouble has slumped to a lowest turn given Nov 2016, hours after a US announced new sanctions since of a poisoning of an ex-Russian view and his daughter in a UK.

The rouble-dollar rate reached 66.7 on a Moscow batch exchange. On Tuesday a rouble rate had been 63.4.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were tainted with a Russian haughtiness representative Novichok in Salisbury in March, yet they have now recovered.

Russia denies any purpose in a attack.

The share values of vital Russian firms, including Aeroflot, Rusal and Sberbank, also fell several commission points in Moscow on Thursday.

The euro also gained opposite a rouble, that slumped to a rate of 76.8.

A UK review blamed Russia for a Novichok attack. Mr Skripal and his daughter recovered after complete caring in hospital, and their stream locale are being kept secret.

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Parts of a city of Salisbury were hermetic off after a haughtiness representative attack

The conflict stirred a UK and a Western allies to anathema many Russian diplomats – and Russia retaliated with a possess expulsions.

UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt thanked a US on Thursday in a tweet. He pronounced haughtiness agents and other “horrific” weapons contingency not turn a new norm, and “states like Russia that use or acquit their use need to know there is a cost to pay”.

Russia has criticised a new US sanctions as “draconian”.

On Wednesday US state dialect mouthpiece Heather Nauert pronounced it had been dynamic that Russia “has used chemical or biological weapons in defilement of general law, or has used fatal chemical or biological weapons opposite a possess nationals”.

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Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found comatose on a dais in a city of Salisbury

The Russian embassy in a US strike behind on Thursday morning. Russia had turn “accustomed to not conference any contribution or evidence”, it said, adding: “We continue to strongly mount for an open and pure review of a crime committed in Salisbury.”

What are a sanctions?

The new sanctions will take outcome on or around 22 August. They cover exports of supportive electronic components and other technologies that can have troops applications. There will also be some serve restrictions on Russian entrance to US financial services.

The state dialect says “more draconian” sanctions will follow within 90 days if Russia fails to give arguable assurances that it will no longer use chemical weapons and will concede on-site inspections by a United Nations.

The threatened measures embody a inclusive trade embargo on Russia – though incompatible food – and a anathema on Aeroflot flights to a US.

An central pronounced it was usually a third time that a US had dynamic a nation had used chemical or biological weapons opposite a possess nationals.

Previous occasions were opposite Syria and opposite North Korea for a assassination of Kim Jong-nam, a half hermit of personality Kim Jong-un, who died when rarely poisonous VX haughtiness representative was burnished on his face during Kuala Lumpur airport.

Are these a usually US sanctions opposite Russia?

No. In Jun a US imposed sanctions on 5 Russian companies and 3 Russian people in response to purported Russian cyber-attacks on a US.

All are taboo from any exchange involving a US financial system.

The US and EU also have sanctions in place opposite dozens of Russian state officials and firms indicted of impasse in a 2014 Russian cast of Crimea and support for a separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. Those sanctions shorten transport and financial transactions.

Russia expected to resist

Analysis by Gary O’Donoghue, BBC News, Washington

After vigour from Republican members of Congress, a state dialect has dynamic Moscow pennyless general law by regulating a military-grade chemical arms on a Skripals.

While a US diminished some 5 dozen diplomats shortly after a poisoning, a administration stopped brief of creation a grave integrity that Russia had damaged general law.

But Congress has been pulling for such a preference and now a state dialect has reliable Russia’s actions contravened 1991 US legislation on a use of chemical weapons. That crack automatically triggers a deception of sanctions and places mandate on Russia to avert serve restrictions in 3 months’ time.

So distant President Donald Trump has been wordless on this latest pierce – that could good derail his attempts to rise a new, warmer attribute with Vladimir Putin.

What was a haughtiness agent?

Following a incident, a British supervision pronounced a military-grade haughtiness representative Novichok, of a form grown by Russia, had been used in a attack.

Relations between Russia and a West strike a new low. More than 20 countries diminished Russian envoys in oneness with a UK, including a US. Washington systematic 60 diplomats to leave and hermetic a Russian consulate-general in Seattle.

Three months after a Salisbury attack, dual other people fell ill during a residence in Amesbury, about 8 miles from a city. Dawn Sturgess after died while her partner, Charlie Rowley, spent 3 weeks recuperating in hospital.

After tests, scientists during a UK’s troops investigate lab, Porton Down, found a integrate had also been unprotected to Novichok.

Mr Rowley told ITV News he had progressing found a hermetic bottle of redolence and given it to Ms Sturgess, who sprayed a piece on her wrists.