Singapore Airlines craft catches glow after puncture landing

Media captionWatch: Singapore Airlines craft catches fire

A Singapore Airlines craft firm for Milan held glow shortly after creation an puncture landing.

Flight SQ368, that over during 02:05 internal time on Monday (18:00 GMT Sunday), was dual hours into a moody when a commander announced there was an engine problem.

The craft incited behind and landed before a right engine of a Boeing 777 detonate into flames.

All 222 passengers and 19 organisation on house were safely evacuated.

“We were in a atmosphere for roughly an hour before we began to smell gas,” one newcomer who gave his name as Chuan told a BBC.

“The commander came on a intercom and pronounced that there was an oil trickle in one of a engines and that they were going to spin and go behind to Singapore.”

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Firefighters took about 5 to 10 mins to extinguish a abandon on a plane

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Everyone on house was safely evacuated

Chuan combined that all a passengers were really ease and that he indeed “went behind to sleep” after a proclamation was made.

It was usually after he got off a moody that he realised how “close to death” he and his mother had been.

Firefighters took about 5 to 10 mins to extinguish a flames, he said.

Passengers will be eliminated to another aircraft that is approaching to skip for Milan after on Monday, pronounced Singapore Airlines in a matter on Facebook.