Sinead O’Connor Trashes Her Kids Again: ‘You Killed Your Mother’

Sinead Oconnor Blasts Family

Sinead O’Connor might be ‘safe and sound’ after a new reported self-murder attempt, though a thespian is still insane as ruin during her family. Days after Sinead bloody her family on Facebook, she trashed them again in a message that called her children ‘murderers,’ ‘liars’ and ‘hypocrites.’

Sinead O’Connor, 48, still has a glow in her belly, notwithstanding a new suicide-scare. While recovering from her purported try to kill herself, Sinead tore into her family members including her children! The “Nothing Compares To You” thespian pronounced that even when she creates it out of a hospital, she never wants to see her family again!

Sinead addressed a Nov. 30 note to “Jake, Roisin, Jr., Donal [and] Eimear,” before rising into a hateful-rant on Facebook. “I never wish to see we again,” she wrote. “You stole my sons from me. Then we had [the] pomposity to come to a sanatorium and afterwards not be here when we arise and not collect adult a phone?”

“I’m sh*t to you,” she furiously combined to a message. “You’re passed to me. You killed your mother. You stole my sons. You left me alone for twelve weeks! Why did we have to hear it was your false a**es here while we was unconscious??”

Clearly, Sinead was dissapoint that her family members were not there when she woke adult as she recovered from reportedly overdosing on pills in response to her family members “betraying” her. She has clearly taken this deficiency and reported “hypocrisy” to heart.

Sinead gave all her fans a shock on Nov. 29 when she posted a lengthy diatribe that doubled as a self-murder note. Sinead claimed her father children and even her son’s partner have inflicted “appalling cruelty” on her and that they’ve been gripping her babies from her. Sadly, Sinead suffers from bipolar commotion and has been hospitalized many times.

“You are child hidden murderers,” she continued to write. “I never wish to see or hear from any of we again. Why were we here when you’re a ones who put he mere??? And where a f*ck are we now??? Murderers. Liars. Hypocrites. All of you. You caused this.”

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Our thoughts continue to go out to Sinead and her family during this formidable time. We wish she gets all a assistance she needs and resolves this emanate with her family.