Simple mistake led authorities right to ‘affluenza’ teen

'Affluenza' Teen Arrested in Mexico

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A teen refugee who’s famous for regulating an “affluenza” invulnerability and his mom attempted to costume themselves and disappear among a American tourists thronging a Mexican review city for a holidays, though are now in control and will be returned to a U.S. after a cellphone used to sequence pizza gave divided their location, authorities pronounced Tuesday.

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Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson pronounced 18-year-old Ethan Couch — who was on youthful conference after murdering 4 people in a inebriated pushing mutilate — and his mom had prepared to be left a while, even dyeing Couch’s blond hair black, before being incarcerated Monday in a Pacific Coast city of Puerto Vallarta.

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“They had designed to disappear. They even had something that was roughly same to a going-away celebration before withdrawal town,” Anderson said. He would not give sum about a event, including how many people attended.

During a sentencing proviso of Couch’s trial, a invulnerability consultant argued that his rich relatives coddled him into a clarity of irresponsibility — a condition a consultant termed “affluenza.” The condition is not famous as a medical diagnosis by a American Psychiatric Association, and a bid drew ridicule.

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Couch left as authorities investigated either he had disregarded a terms of his probation.

Anderson pronounced Couch and his mother, Tonya Couch, apparently crossed a limit in her pickup and gathering to Puerto Vallarta. It was not transparent either they had any accomplices.

No evident charges were designed for others who might have famous about or assisted with a moody plan, Anderson said. He pronounced authorities have no justification that Ethan Couch’s father, who owns a piece steel bureau in North Texas, was involved.

Jalisco state prosecutor Eduardo Almaguer Ramirez pronounced U.S. authorities knew a mom and son were in Puerto Vallarta since of a phone call to Domino’s Pizza.

A U.S. Marshals Service deputy sloping authorities in Mexico to a plcae of a phone on Monday, according to a military news released by a Jalisco state prosecutors’ office. The phone had been used to sequence pizza for a room during a condominium formidable in a beach review city.

When agents went to a condo, a Couches had already changed on, though a tourism user forked agents to a mom and son’s new home during an unit in Puerto Vallarta’s aged town. Agents set adult a notice operation in a area and found a Couches that night.

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The military news says they claimed to be carrying no marker and gave unsuitable stories about their names. They were taken into control and handed over to Immigration officials.

Anderson remarkable that Ethan Couch’s hair was “markedly different.” A print distributed by a Jalisco state prosecutors’ bureau shows him in confinement with his blond hair painted black and his routinely blondish brave now brown.

The policeman has pronounced he believes a dual fled in late Nov after a video flush that appears to uncover Couch during a celebration where people were drinking. If found to be drinking, Couch’s conference could be revoked and he could face adult to 4 months in jail. Once returned to Texas, Couch will be hold in a Tarrant County trickery until a conference defilement conference subsequent month.

Anderson pronounced an detain aver was being released for Tonya Couch on charges of opposition an apprehension, a third-degree transgression that carries a judgment of dual to 10 years in prison. Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson pronounced she skeleton to ask a decider to send Ethan Couch’s box to adult court.

Couch would afterwards face adult to 120 days in an adult jail, followed by 10 years’ probation. If he violates probation, he could face adult to 10 years in jail per death, Wilson said.

If a decider declines to send Couch to adult court, Wilson will ask that his conference be revoked, in that box he could be hold in a youthful trickery until his judgment expires when he turns 19 subsequent April.

Couch’s attorneys, Scott Brown and Reagan Wynn, pronounced they won’t criticism until they pronounce with him, that expected won’t occur before Couch reaches a U.S.

Ricardo Ariel Vera, a deputy of Mexico’s immigration hospital in Jalisco state, pronounced a mom and son were being hold during immigration offices in Guadalajara and would be returned to a United States aboard a blurb moody to Houston.

“They are going to be sent behind to their country, given that they were in Mexico improperly,” Ariel Vera said. “They would have had to enter, for example, as tourists, though they entered but registering.”

He primarily pronounced that would occur Tuesday; however, another immigration central who is not authorised to be quoted by name told The Associated Press that there were no seats accessible on blurb flights and a lapse would be Wednesday.

Couch was pushing dipsomaniac and speeding on a highway south of Fort Worth in Jun 2013 when he crashed into a infirm SUV off to a side, murdering 4 people and injuring several others, including passengers in his pickup truck.

He pleaded guilty to 4 depends of intoxication killing and dual depends of intoxication attack causing critical corporeal injury. A decider condemned him in youthful justice to 10 years’ conference and a army in a reconstruction center.

Authorities had begun acid for Couch and his mom after he missed a imperative appointment with his conference officer on Dec. 10.


Rivera reported from Guadalajara. Associated Press reporters E. Eduardo Castillo, Peter Orsi and Mark Stevenson in Mexico City contributed to this report.

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