Showtime Revives Election Show ‘The Circus’ For Trump’s First 100 Days

Showtime is streamer behind underneath a large top, grouping another deteriorate of The Circus.

The docuseries was in dilapidation before to Monday’s proclamation — after all, a strange purpose was to account a events of a 2016 presidential election. Given a relentless tide of news outward of a new administration, however, a new deteriorate will change concentration to U.S. President Donald Trump’s initial 100 days in office.

“During a ancestral play of a 2016 election, The Circus was a compulsively watchable series, providing forlorn entrance and vicious insight,” pronounced Showtime Networks boss and CEO David Nevins. “Presented weekly in genuine time, a uncover was also a genuine breakthrough for documentaries on television. Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, and Mark McKinnon are some of a many reputable and constrained voices in politics, and given a monumental gait of developments in a Trump presidency, we are gratified to be means get them behind on a atmosphere with new episodes.”

The Circus came together on a rather unusual timetable, any partial display a producers week on a debate route with a Democrats and Republicans using for bureau — ultimately focusing on usually Trump and Hillary Clinton. Final cuts on episodes hardly came in within 24 hours of airtime.

Starting Mar 19, a uncover will resume a run during 8 p.m. on Sunday nights for a generation of a initial 100 days. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann will lapse as hosts and executive producers, while Mark McKinnon reprises his producing purpose with usually occasional guest appearances.

It’s not nonetheless transparent what a destiny binds for The Circus after a new administration settles in, though Showtime is clearly fervent to stay in business with Halperin and Heilemann as a stream domestic meridian continues to be a de facto focal indicate of a media.

The Circus is constructed Left/Right, partial of Red Arrow Entertainment Group.