Sharjah to Greater Noida: Afghanistan cricket group relocates to new ‘home’

Afghanistan, Afghanistan cricket, Afghanistan cricket team, Afghanistan Greater Noida, Greater Noida cricket stadium, Cricket News, Cricket Afghanistan cricket group will now onwards play a matches in Greater Noida. (Source: Reuters)

Afghanistan cricket group has shifted a home bottom from Sharjah to a UPCA track in NOIDA where they will play their matches and use after an MoU was sealed on Thursday in this regard.

According to a Memorandum of Understanding with BCCI and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) will be means to utilize a comforts of a Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, which has successfully hosted a Ranji Trophy diversion between Uttar Pradesh and Baroda.

“First of all we would like to appreciate BCCI and Greater Noida Authority. We enrich a support of BCCI towards Afghanistan cricket growth and a joining they have shown so distant is immense. We were perplexing a lot from a final few years to get some arrange of support from BCCI as Afghanistan, we all know, is an rising nation, that is knocking a doorway of Test cricket,” Shafiq Stanikzai, CEO ACB, told media here.

BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur, who also sealed a MoU papers in participation of UPCA Secretary Rajeev Shukla, not usually gave a new belligerent a large thumbs though also complimented a Afghanistan group for a new success.

“Afghanistan have finished good in a final dual years and to validate in a World Cup, it showcases their hard-work. And they will play in India and like India played a large palm in Bangladesh apropos a full member, India will also play a large partial in Afghanistan apropos a full member as well,” Thakur said.

Thakur also insisted that rubbing shoulders with a greats of Indian cricket will positively open a new universe for a immature Afghan players.

“Not usually they will play their matches here though will also get total support like a possibility to get assistance from tip coaches and a possibility to massage shoulders with India’s best cricketer’s. Greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid competence not transport to Kabul though can positively give these players a tip or dual when they are in India. So BCCI will positively assistance them in each manner,” he said.

On being asked about a time support for general matches to be hosted on this ground, Thakur said, “Look ICC has this procession that whichever track has to have general matches, a compare arbitrate has to check a venue and if it fits a check for an ICC venue afterwards it gets accede for it.

“The ICC did a recce of this belligerent and it was found fit to horde associate and associate matches and also for Under-19 and ‘A’ turn cricket. To horde an general compare a venue still needs to be versed with a few some-more facilities,” he said.

“And a approach a authorities of a Greater Noida Development Authority have told us they are operative on a shortcomings of a belligerent to horde general matches in a future. And Afghanistan house will also be means to play their general matches in a future,” he added.

Rama Raman, Chairman, Noida, Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway Authority said, “Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, Honourable Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh was really penetrating to offer this belligerent to Afghanistan Cricket Board and since of his support, we were means to work out this offer in really brief duration of time. On interest of Chief Minister and Government of Uttar Pradesh, we offer a full support to Afghanistan Cricket Board, and we am grateful to BCCI for facilitating this opportunity.”

Meanwhile Thakur also talked about a strengthening of Indo-Afghan ties by this MoU.

“Indo-Afghan ties will be strengthened on a domestic front, people-to-people hit and on a sporting front generally on a cricket field. And as Afghanistan wanted to have a permanent home belligerent in India, they favourite a Greater Noida venue and so it happened.

“Even a officials of a Greater Noida Industrial Authority did their best to even come on holidays and uncover us a facilities. So they have played a large partial in strengthening a ties between dual nations, popularise cricket and make Greater Noida famous to a world.” he said.

“Afghanistan Cricket Board generally plays a matches outward a country. And a approach Indo-Afghan ties are good politically, they are also good on a cricket field. And Afghanistan house has always wanted that it should have a home venue in India, where they can give a cricket a boost.

“And in India’s state like Uttar Pradesh, they got a home venue due to a efforts of a Greater Noida officials and also due to a efforts of UPCA Secretary Rajeev Shukla,” he added.

Greater Noida Authority. So distant they were witnessing Ranji Games, we also devise to have Deodhar Trophy there and now Afghanistan will have their home bottom there instead of Sharjah.

“So we consider it is a good event for all of us. People will also be means to watch general games in a future. We are gay that bland 5 to 10 thousand people watched a Ranji game,” Shukla said.

Thakur was some-more than happy to chuck light on a efforts of Asian powerhouses, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, to uplift associate cricket in a region.

“In a recently resolved Asian Cricket Council meeting, we privately stressed on a fact that associate nations should be helped. We also concluded that a 4 full members (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) should take out dual per cent of their altogether gain and dual percent total from a associate nations and generated a kitty.

“That 10 per cent income will assistance horde a Associate Asia Cup in that countries like Afghanistan and Oman will play with their full teams while India, Pak, SL and Bangladesh will send their A teams with some tip players in them. Big players, who competence not be a partial of a comparison group will also accompany a large guns to lift a turn of cricket,” he said.