Shantanu Maheshwari: My birthday during Dil Dostii Dance was an strenuous experience

shantanu maheshwari birthday shantanu maheshwari birthday Happy birthday Shantanu Maheshwari

Birthdays are always a special arise and when it comes to celebs, it turns out to be a inhabitant affair. But immature prodigy Shantanu Maheshwari believes in a low-key event nonetheless his fans leave no stones unturned to make his day special. The Dil Dostii Dance and Girls on Top actor has incited 27 today, and he has his skeleton set for a entrance year. Stating that he prefers elementary celebrations with tighten friends and family, Shantanu, in an disdainful discuss with, common his plans, “Though we haven’t designed anything grand, we would be assembly my friends and we are going to usually suffer a evening, and of march dance a lot!”

The immature actor has a humorous tie with birthdays for as a child he never got a possibility to party. “Back then, we customarily had examinations in propagandize during this time. So we would customarily wait for my brother’s birthday to indeed applaud my birthday then!”

Sharing his fondest birthday memory, Shantanu averred, “I consider that would really be my birthday when we was doing Dil Dostii Dance behind in 2012, as we had perceived so many cards and gifts from all my well-wishers, that one whole room had got filled with them! It was really strenuous for me to see a volume of adore people had to offer!”

When we quizzed him on his thought of a shame giveaway birthday, a immature bashful male quipped, “I am not a hardcore celebration chairman as such, so overtly for me, a shame giveaway birthday would be an all nighter with lots and lots of crazy dancing! The one thing that keeps me going during all times by my ups and downs is dance, and so dancing an whole night divided with some fun Bollywood song would be a good idea.”

Shantanu also has his birthday wishes ready, in box he meets a genie today. “First, we would wish him to assistance me keep my desired ones happy, and afterwards extend me a large residence and lastly, make me clever and means adequate to assistance those in need always!” When asked to make a choice between fame, income and womanlike adulation, he quipped, “I would contend adulation, yet not usually restricting it to females! Because out of a three, acclamation can usually come from a right reasons, where as income and celebrity can come from wrong ways. So we suffer acclamation a many because, well, overtly it’s utterly overwhelming.”

The Kolkata child also has utterly a few relatable Piscean qualities in him as he shared, “I am utterly an introvert as good as emotional. Pisceans have this robe of assisting others to a best they can, so that peculiarity too is really in me! ”

Shantanu had utterly an eventful 2017. From winning Khatron Ke Khiladi 8, debuting as a horde with MTV Love on The Run, to being partial of an muster act during a World of Dance 2017 finals and securing a third place during Asian Battleground, a cross-national dance existence uncover shot in Malaysia. Talking about his hopes from this year, Shantanu said, “I wish this year is also a same. we am perplexing to strike a change between my dance and acting, so that is something we try each year, and hopefully, will be means to say this year as well! Also, we really am looking brazen to do some good work on shade too.”

Happy Birthday, Shantanu!!

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