Shania Twain Happily Chows Down On Fries At A Boyz II Men Concert! Fill In The Blank!

What was Shania meditative when she took this design during a Boyz II Men concert??

When people contend “goals,” we’re flattering certain this is what they mean!

On Tuesday, Shania Twain motionless to take a snap while examination a Boyz II Men performance… and eating fries!

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That’s like a ideal combination, and a nation thespian knew it too, as she tweeted:

“Boyz II Men + french fries kind of evening…. “

Definitely! But we do have to consternation what Shan was meditative when she pulled out that enclosure of boiled products mid-show.

Whatever it was, she’s really happy about it! It contingency have been something along a lines of “________________!”

[Image around Twitter.]

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