Shah Rukh Khan interjection fans for creation Zero feel like a favourite as his film’s teaser crosses 20 million views mark

shah rukh khan ZERO teasershah rukh khan ZERO teaser Shah Rukh Khan plays plumb challenged male in ZERO.

Shah Rukh Khan has donned several roles on shade and left his fans tender though in his subsequent film Zero, a actor takes over a shade as a plumb challenged man. The initial demeanour has left SRK’s fans tender as a teaser of a film, expelled by a star on Twitter as a New Year present on Jan 1, has perceived measureless love, channel 20 million views on YouTube.

Thanking his stars on Twitter and Facebook, SRK wrote, “Thank u all for creation Zero feel like a Hero. Sometimes a significance in life is not who we are, though what we make others turn by a participation in their lives. @aanandlrai ‘s ‘Zero’ stands for that. #Zero20Million”

This is for a initial time that Tanu Weds Manu executive Aanand L Rai has assimilated hands with a 52-year-old Bollywood superstar. In fact, in an talk earlier, Aanand had quipped that a USP of Zero is Shah Rukh Khan.

The executive says they are still in a center of creation a film though motionless to betray a pretension on renouned direct as there was a lot of oddity surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s role.

“Though we are one year divided from a release, a film is already removing so most love. So Khan sahab and we motionless to give something to fans. It is quite out of a adore and love that we are removing from a fans. They (fans) are carrying an picture in their mind and it is not accurately what we have in a film. When we were operative on it we did not know it (dwarf part) will demeanour this way. we wish to reinstate that picture with a right image. The film’s USP is Shah Rukh’s performance,” he said.

Zero, that also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, heads to a theaters on Dec 21 this year.

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