Sexual harassment: More stars confronting accusations

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Actors Dustin Hoffman (L) and Kevin Spacey (R) have been indicted of passionate misconduct

Two Oscar-winning actors, a Hollywood filmmaker and a comparison US news editor are a latest high-profile total to be indicted of passionate harassment.

The actors Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman have been indicted of passionate bungle and have released apologies.

Meanwhile, 6 women have indicted Brett Ratner, executive of a Rush Hour film array and X-Men: The Last Stand, of passionate nuisance or misconduct.

Ratner’s counsel “categorically” denied all of a accusations on his behalf.

A flourishing series of allegations have been finished opposite open total in new weeks.

The allegations have been sparked by mixed women vocalization out opposite a Hollywood noble Harvey Weinstein, and a successive debate enlivening victims to share their stories of passionate nuisance underneath a #metoo hashtag.

So who has been indicted of misconduct?

Kevin Spacey

New allegations have emerged from a series of group accusing Kevin Spacey of passionate misconduct.

US filmmaker Tony Montana claims he was groped by a actor in a Los Angeles bar in 2003. He says he was left with PTSD for 6 months after Spacey “forcefully” grabbed his crotch.

Mr Montana told Radar Online that he was in his thirties when a occurrence took place during a Coronet Bar in LA.

It follows an claim finished by Anthony Rapp that a House of Cards actor attempted to “seduce” him when he was 14 years old.

Kevin Spacey says he has no correlation of that encounter, and was “beyond horrified”.

Netflix halts House of Cards production

Incidents per Spacey are also purported to have taken place in a UK while a two-time Oscar leader was a artistic executive during a Old Vic in London between 2004 and 2015.

Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, who acted in several plays during a theatre, claims Spacey “routinely preyed” on immature masculine actors.

One male told a BBC about his experience of being invited to spend a weekend with Spacey in New York when he was a teen in a 1980s.

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Brett Ratner, 48, has finished a series of blockbuster movies

Brett Ratner

Six women have indicted Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner of passionate nuisance or misconduct.

The women, including The Newsroom singer Olivia Munn, finished a allegations in a Los Angeles Times.

Natasha Henstridge, who seemed in Species and The Whole Ten Yards, claimed she had been forced into a sex act with Ratner as a teenager.

The actress, now 43, was a 19-year-old indication during a time she alleges Ratner stopped her from withdrawal a room during his New York unit and afterwards finished her perform a sex act on him.

“He strong-armed me in a genuine way,” she told a LA Times. “He physically forced himself onto me.”

Ratner’s counsel “categorically” denied all of a accusations on his interest in response to a article.

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Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman has been indicted of intimately badgering an novice on a set of one of his films in 1985.

Anna Graham Hunter, a writer, says that when she was 17, a Oscar-winning actor groped her and finished inapt comments about sex to her.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “He was plainly flirtatious, he grabbed my ass, he talked about sex to me and in front of me.”

Hoffman apologised, and pronounced he was contemptible if he “put her in an disturbed situation”.

In a matter to a magazine, Hoffman said: “I have a pinnacle honour for women and feel terrible that anything we competence have finished could have put her in an disturbed situation. we am sorry. It is not contemplative of who we am.”

The BBC has contacted member of Dustin Hoffman for his response to these allegations.

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Michael Oreskes quiescent following accusations he kissed womanlike colleagues but their consent

Michael Oreskes

Senior editor Michael Oreskes has quiescent following accusations he kissed womanlike colleagues but their agree during business meetings.

The 63-year-old was asked to step down by a National Public Radio (NPR) network in response to a allegations. He has formerly worked for a Associated Press and a New York Times.

Two women spoke to a Washington Post on condition of anonymity, and reported stories of sudden and astonishing kisses during business meetings. They pronounced they were disturbed about career growth if their names were finished public.

One of a women pronounced that while she met Mr Oreskes in a wish of removing a pursuit with a New York Times, he suggested that they eat room use lunch in a hotel, before he suddenly kissed her and “slipped his tongue into her mouth”.

He has not commented publicly on a allegations, and reporters during NPR news that they have attempted to hit him for comment, but success.

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