Seth Rollins Says WWE Doesn’t Need Crossover Stars, Talks Favorite SummerSlam Moments

Source: Sky Sports

Seth Rollins spoke to Sky Sports on a series of wrestling topics. Here are some of a highlights:

High-profile stars from other sports (like UFC) entrance to a WWE:

“I consider we have maybe a many gifted register of all time. we don’t consider we need anybody to assistance or crossover. If they wish to come over to a universe and have some fun afterwards that’s cold though we’re happy doing a thing on a own.”

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His favorite SummerSlam moments:

SummerSlam was a large partial of my childhood and there have been some mythological matches. we unequivocally favourite it when Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior teamed adult opposite Slaughter and Adnan one year. we desired it when Liz and Savage got married too. Bulldog and Bret during Wembley, a TLC compare between The Hardyz, Dudleys, Edge Christian; there’s a tonne of memories.”

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