Seth Rogen Started Trolling This Pro-Donald Trump Radio Host & It’s SO GOOD!

Seth Rogen is opening for Bill Mitchell!

Seth Rogen is fighting a good fight!!

The Superbad actor has vigilant himself in a Twitter quarrel with pro-Donald Trump conservative radio society Bill Mitchell, who clearly customarily talks about POTUS. Ever.

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Well, it all started on Tuesday when he DM’d Bill on a gentle media platform, pursuit him a “truly ridiculous motherfucker” in an try to heat him up! And what followed was definitely HIGHlarious given it WORKED:

Bill was SO indignant by Seth’s line about going into meetings, he went on gentle media usually to malediction about it:

That was accurately a point, Bill.

Also, greatfully note his use of “owned you” in this exchange:

It’s so good:

Keep it up, Seth!

[Image around Bill Mitchell/Twitter Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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