Seth Rogen Shares Some Fun Facts About Superbad In Honor Of The Flick’s 10th Birthday!

superbad 10 year anniversary

It’s crazy to learn that Superbad is 10 years aged as we’re still frequently quoting a flick.

Regardless, a comedic blockbuster strike a spectacle birthday on Thursday as it initial came out on Aug 17, 2007.

In honour of this anniversary, Superbad star and co-writer Seth Rogen took to Twitter to share some opposite trivia about a movie. LOVES it!

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On Thursday, a humorous masculine posted:

(Oh, Seth! We care!)

And before we ask if a “period blood on a leg scene” indeed happened, a talent behind Sausage Party confirmed:

HIGHlarious. Seth continued:

Neat, yet we’re graceful certain a word “fingerfuck” was indeed a tract prove in 1995’s coming-of-age film Welcome To The Dollhouse. Maybe a MPAA folks blocked it out…

No, Seth. Thank YOU!

superbad 10 year anniversary

So, for all we Super-fans out there, did any of these fun grant blow your mind?? SOUND OFF in a comments (below).

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