Seth Meyers Is Relying on ‘Spirit Animal’ Amy Poehler to Help Him Prepare for Golden Globes

Golden Globes horde Seth Meyers is still putting a finishing touches on his opening monologue, though he has a tip arms assisting him out: his longtime friends and former Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

“I’m constantly articulate to them,” Meyers told PEOPLE during a annual Golden Globes Award Show preview Thursday, where a Late Night host helped rollout a central red runner during a show’s venue, a Beverly Hilton. “I’m going to see Amy currently and going to run by things with her. She’s prolonged been my suggestion animal and continues to be to this day.”

Meyers, 44, teased that Poehler will unequivocally make an coming during a 75th anniversary show, and that he skeleton to residence passionate nuisance in Hollywood with sincerity, though will also assistance applaud his peers and all a high achievements in radio and film over a past year.

Seth Meyers

“We’re unequivocally wakeful that as shortly as we travel onstage people will be awaiting [me to say] something,” Meyers pronounced about environment a right tinge and addressing some of a silent protests planned. “We’ll try to get by that on a early side of things and afterwards pierce on to what a night is creatively designed for, that is Hey, let’s applaud good work. So we’ll see if we conduct a tinge right, though we’re carrying — we would contend about 90 percent of a conversations are about that.”

Meyers says he skeleton to wear black in support of a women protesting passionate harassment, though does “not wish credit for wearing a black tuxedo,” given it’s not too opposite from customary masculine formalwear. Instead he’s some-more meddlesome in assisting make certain his pregnant wife, Alexi Ashe, finds a ideal and many gentle dress probable for a evening.

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“She’s flattering comfortable,” says Meyers. “She’ll know some-more today, we’re going to a wise together though she’s excited. I’m unequivocally vehement to have her here, it would be a uncanny year to not have her here, so I’m unequivocally thrilled.”

Meyers combined that given a new baby will technically be in assemblage on Sunday night, he’ll have involuntary bragging rights over his comparison brother, Ashe, 22 months.

“We can tell him ‘You were during a Globes!” he pronounced with a laugh. “The small hermit will have something he can always reason over a large brother, since his large hermit will not be during a Globes.”

The 2018 Golden Globes are set to atmosphere Sunday, Jan 7, on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PST.