Seth Meyers Bluntly Tells Bernie Sanders Supporters "‘We Don’t Have Time for This"

The ‘Late Night’ horde didn’t reason behind in revelation hardcore ‘Bernie or Bust’ protestors what was during interest if a Democrats didn’t combine opposite Donald Trump.

Seth Meyers was scarcely blunt with Bernie Sanders supporters still holding out on ordering behind Hillary Clinton as a Democrat’s presidential nominee, revelation those behind a ‘Bernie or Bust’ transformation that “we don’t have time for this.”

Meyers spoke directly to Sanders supporters who exclude to behind Clinton and booed her name on a building Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, revelation them “I know you’re ‘Bernie or Bust’ though a formula are in and ‘Bust’ won. We don’t have time for this.”

Reiterating a clarity of coercion and, for Meyers, a imminent doom of a Trump presidency, he pronounced “The residence is on fire. Stop great since we’re not putting it out with your hose.” Meyers described Trump as a “racist demagogue” and admonished Sanders supporters who abandoned a lessons of story when group like a genuine estate noble were elected. He warned a hardcore Sanders fans that a nation was “48% crazy uncle during Thanksgiving” who were expected to opinion Trump.

The taped shave was posted to YouTube and Meyers’ Twitter comment hours before a uncover aired, suggesting a Late Night host was penetrating to widespread a summary as far-reaching as probable rather than a narrower assembly examination during 12.35 a.m.

Meyers also commended Sanders himself for holding his nose and subsidy Clinton for a larger good and implored his supporters to do a same. He combined humorously: “We’ve all gifted disappointment. we couldn’t get Rihanna to go out with me, though we don’t mount in a kitchen and disapprove my wife.”

He finished a shred by praising a passion and appetite of a Sanders campaign, saying, “Your passion altered a Democratic Party and that is no tiny thing. You should be unapproachable of yourselves for his campaign,” before finishing with a exhortation, “but also, we have to be still now! Now is a time to be quiet!”