Separated Cat Brothers Reunited Thanks To Tinder — Get The Heartwarming Deets HERE!

cat brothers reunited tinder

It was fate!

When singular relatives Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera matched on Tinder they had no suspicion that they already common a really special bond. Apparently during their courtship, a dyad detected their cats are, in fact, twin brothers. Crazzzzzzy, right??

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The integrate met 8 months ago on a dating app, and on their really initial date they schooled how most they indeed have in common.

In fact, while sitting outward of Herrera’s home Miz Cavin speckled a ginger and white Tabby and immediately suspicion it was her own. She explained:

“I did a double take and immediately yelled out, ‘That’s my cat! That’s my cat!'”

HIGHlarious! Obviously, a similarities between a dual animals desirous their owners to demeanour into a specifics of their adoption. After a bit of digging, Cathleen and Brian schooled they had adopted Ozzy and Butter four days detached from any other during a Petaluma Animal Services.

What’s even crazier is Cathleen always regretted not adopting a other kitten and had even betrothed her daughter that she’d try to find Ozzy’s brother. Cavin continued:

“Cali would contend that Ozzy was unhappy given he missed his brother, and he was. we done a foolish guarantee to try and find his brother, and by a spectacle and a soulmate, we did.”

We’re not crying, we are!

The cat siblings have given been reintroduced to any other and are on their approach to apropos besties again! We mean, they improved get used to any other given a integrate skeleton to pierce in together. Cathleen concluded:

“Brian and we had both mislaid faith from crazy past relationships. When we found any other, we found a soulmates. Having a twin cats only confirms it serve that it is serendipity during play. Meant to be! Now we have faith.”

Awwwww. Be certain to ch-ch-check out what Ozzy and Butter demeanour like now (below)!

tinder cat brothers reunited

Also, because do we feel like someone’s already perplexing to secure a rights to this heartwarming tale?? Heck, it already sounds like a Lifetime film to us! LOLz.

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