Selena Gomez Visits Her Childhood Home, Wonders If It ‘Could Have Been Better Than My Life Today’

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What an engaging spin of nostalgia for Selena Gomez this weekend!

Last night, a luminary went behind home to her strange childhood home in Grand Prairie, Texas, and re-visited a place she grew up, pity some engaging thoughts with her fans along a way.

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This isn’t a initial time she’s re-visited her aged childhood home in Grand Prairie — she does it each possibility she gets, according to her — though this time she common a flattering engaging heading along with her print on a front porch (below):


It’s intriguing for her to contend that “in many ways it really good could have been improved than my life today,” deliberation that she seems to be in a really good place in her career and has rekindled what appears to be an increasingly healthy and critical relationship with Justin Bieber as she ages.

Still, Selena has left by some critical health things recently, too — so maybe she’s only waxing sentimental about a elementary life behind when she was a kid.

Also, vocalization of things on Selena’s IG comment — someday over a weekend, she unfollowed some-more than 300 people from her account, including a likes of Gigi Hadid and Demi Lovato!


Wonder what’s adult with that.

Whatever a case, it’s a ruin of a thing to revisit your childhood home. Would we do it, Perezcious readers?! Would we go behind and see a place where we grew adult after a few years’ time??

Let us know in a comments (below)!

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