Selena Gomez Scarfs Down McDonald’s At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — Pic

Selena Gomez looks positively overwhelming behaving during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Dec. 8. But according to her, she was feeling a small physique unwavering given she chowed down in Micky D’s burgers and fries before her large appearance.

While many models certified they hardly ate anything before attack a catwalk during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Selena Gomez, 23, did a accurate opposite! The “Same Old Love,” thespian treated herself to some McDonald’s quick food before going onstage, though now admits she competence have gotten a small box of a grow as a result!

“Wait, on a low though…This was backstage. Why do we consider we lonesome my stomach during a show??” Selly captioned an Instagram print taken before a uncover taped on Nov. 10. She’s seen wearing big, comfy oversize turtleneck while snacking on some French fries that had been catered in for a team. Don’t worry Sel, your physique looked torpedo in that amazing low cut/high cut black dress we rocked on stage. You looked only as good as all those beautiful models around you!

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The overwhelming star belted out “Me My Girls” and “Hands To Myself” as a swift of slip clad models marched past her. She even gave companion Gigi Hadid a slap on her parsimonious tush as she waltzed past her. Naughty, disobedient girls! To get even some-more Selena in your life, collect adult her overwhelming manuscript Revival by clicking here.

Selena apparently had a blast during a show, generally given she’s pals with many of a models including Gigi, Devon Windsor and Josephine Skriver. She confessed on a show’s red carpet,  “It’s indeed unequivocally comforting to have your best friends with we means afterwards you’re means to demeanour during them and contend ‘yeah, they’re with me.’”

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HollywoodLifers, what did we consider of Selena’s extraordinary performances during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Let us know!