Selena Gomez: Enjoy Your Hot Romance With Niall Horan — You Deserve It

Selena Gomez — you merit to be adored! Starting a fun intrigue with a new guy, Niall Horan, who treats we like a princess, is accurately what we need after years of non-commitment from one certain JB!

Selena Gomez, we hear that you’re on cloud nine, totally enjoying your new prohibited and complicated intrigue with Niall Horan, and we couldn’t be happier for you. For 5 years, you’ve been Justin Bieber‘s on-again, off-again partner and you’ve strew distant too many tears over The Biebs, as your heart wanted what a heart wanted. But while Justin loves you, there’s only too many times that he’s had to contend “sorry”. Now it looks like you’re finally means to open your heart to another guy, Niall, and he couldn’t be happier — he’s been abrasive on we for years.

The problem for him was that until now Selena “was with Justin…but Niall’s vanquish never went divided and he has found event after event to get closer to Selena”, an insider told exclusively. Then a pivotal relationship-changing event presented itself only final Friday, Dec. 4, when Niall was during a L.A. Jingle Ball behaving with One Direction, and we were there too, Selena. You dual were seen “massively” flirting backstage, an watcher told, and then you both went on to Jenna Dewan-Tatum‘s birthday celebration and a fireworks and a full-on makeout session between we dual began.

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You were apparently “all over” Niall, and he “was personification a partial of someone who won a sweepstakes. He was amatory all that happened and was rolling with a punches, kissing and hugging her and being unequivocally earthy with her all night,” another watcher told exclusively. Selena — hooray for you! Why should we be Justin’s “ride or die” girl? No, we need to be worshipped by a propitious male that you appropriate as your categorical man.

Niall is stepping right up. He didn’t wait to play any games with we — no, he asked we right out for a date, hanging out on a Santa Monica pier, a unequivocally subsequent night. He didn’t worry about a dual of we being seen together. He happily hold your hand, tried to win you a My Little Pony pressed animal during a H2O gun competition booth, and common ice cream cones and a Ferris Wheel float with you.

When was a final time Justin took we out on a genuine date? Yes, he did sing “My Girl” to we during a bar of a Montage Hotel on Nov. 20, though he doesn’t go “out” with you. Meanwhile, Niall “doesn’t mind doing what Selena wants to do, or being with Selena’s friends, or carrying cooking with Selena’s family,” another source tighten to we tells exclusively about Niall. “He’s only a unequivocally honeyed guy.” Well, Selena, that’s accurately what we need. Not that Justin hasn’t been honeyed to you, though he hasn’t been ready to be disdainful for a longest time. Instead, you’ve had to watch him misbehave with so many other girls – Jayde Pierce, Yovanna Ventura and Chantel Jeffries, only to name a unequivocally few. Niall, on a other hand, isn’t allergic to commitment, we hear.

Best of all, your BFF Taylor Swift couldn’t be happier with this new romance. “Taylor always knew they would be a compare done in heaven. She knows he will provide Selena like a princess and totally dedicate to her, distinct Justin,” another source tells exclusively. “He…has a heart of bullion to compare Selena’s large heart.” And we hear that his kisses are “electric”, too.

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Selena! A heart of gold, electric kisses and joining — Selena, go for it and adore each second of being loved!

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Hollywoodlifers — do we like Selena with Niall even some-more than with Justin? Let us know!