Selena Gomez: Don’t Freak Out Over Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber Hookups

Selena Gomez — we might feel harm and indignant that your on-and-off adore Justin Bieber is hooking adult with Kourtney Kardashian, yet forget about them. Focus on new man, Niall Horan.

Selena Gomez, it’s time to put Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian in your rearview counterpart and pierce on. There’s zero we can do to make possibly Justin, 21, or Kourtney, 36, stop seeing any other if they wish to. Both are single, uncommitted adults. And no matter how many it feels like another profanation by Justin, we technically have zero to protest about. After all, even yet he romantically serenaded we with a heart-tugging song, “My Girl”, afterwards kissed and hugged we during a Montage Hotel on Nov. 20, he never done an disdainful joining to you.

You dual had been saying any other on and off for months, yet Justin has never wanted to take that subsequent step, so we can’t weird out on possibly him or Kourtney, as many as we might wish to. That doesn’t meant that it still doesn’t feel like a flog in a stomach to find out that Justin has been carrying prohibited nights with Kourtney even when he was serenading you.

Nevertheless, we have to try tough not to let it dissapoint we or eat divided during your self-esteem. You are in a best place you’ve ever been right now. You only expelled your many visually overwhelming and riveting song video ever — “Hands to Myself”. Your album, Revival, is your many artistically grown CD and is offered like hotcakes. You have never looked some-more beautiful, and we have a new man, Niall Horan, who worships a belligerent we travel on (and he isn’t fearful of joining like a certain JB).

Selena, you’ve only got to concentration on all a fanciful positives in your life and not on a Biebs heartbreak. So instead of going on a “warpath” against Kourtney, as one news has suggested, suffer all a illusory successes in your life now. You are building a attribute with One Direction hunk Niall, 22, and he’s a really opposite male than Justin. Your best friend, Taylor Swift, certain knows that. “He will provide Selena like a princess and totally dedicate to her, distinct Justin,” an insider told exclusively, explaining how Taylor feels about him. “Niall is a whole package. He’s handsome, smart, funny, successful and has a heart of bullion to compare Selena’s large heart,” adds a insider.

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He also has been crushing on you for during slightest a year, Selena, another source told He contingency be anxious that he’s finally removing his possibility to get tighten to you. He already invited we to an emotionally staggering eventuality — One Direction’s final opening before a rope started their interregnum for during slightest a year. You flew to London to be there for him, and we dual were photographed PDAing and merrymaking after a band’s opening on Dec 14, on a UK X Factor.

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So, Selena, 23, this is all so good. Even if we can’t assistance feeling repelled and unhappy by a Kourtney/Justin affair, we can’t let it derail you. Instead, only be grateful that all a work we put into holding your career to a subsequent turn is profitable off. And that we now have a male that appreciates we like crazy. Enjoy it and be vehement about how 2016 will be your best year ever!

Do we agree, Hollywoodlifers? Let me know.