See Inside a Moment Mama June’s Daughter Pumpkin Gave Birth — Including Her Water Breaking!

When Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon gave birth to her daughter in December, there was one unequivocally special chairman she wanted in a smoothness room: her mother, Mama Jun Shannon.

But forward of Pumpkin going into labor, Mama June, 38, was 7 hours divided recuperating from eye surgery — and was suggested by doctors not to travel. Still, that didn’t stop a mom of 4 from roving final notation to be during a sanatorium where her granddaughter Ella Grace was welcomed into a world.

After undergoing a successful eye surgery, Mama Jun was vivacious when she was means to see Pumpkin’s profound belly. “I can see how profound we are,” a weeping Mama Jun pronounced on Friday’s part of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Although Pumpkin, 18, and her boyfriend, Joshua Efird, hoped to stay with Mama Jun for her weeks-long liberation — during that she had to lay in a massage chair since a alloy was disturbed her retina would detach — a awaiting mom was disturbed about being distant divided from her doctors.

“I wish to be here for a liberation for mama, though a fact that I’m 7 hours divided from my alloy and it could be any day now that we give birth, I’d rather be home,” pronounced Pumpkin, who chose to go home. “I wish to go behind home only to be on a protected side.”

And it’s a good thing she did. While scheming to film interviews for a existence uncover after returning to Georgia, Pumpkin’s H2O pennyless on camera.

“What does it feel like when your H2O breaks?” Pumpkin asked a show’s hair and makeup artist, Meredith, who told her: “Kind of like peeing. Maybe a small unrestrained feeling.”

“Either my H2O only pennyless or we peed on myself,” pronounced Pumpkin, who immediately went upstairs and altered before withdrawal for a sanatorium with her boyfriend.

While en track to a hospital, Pumpkin called Mama Jun and told her, “I’m a small nervous.”

“I know that we need to get better, though we wish we to be here,” Pumpkin pronounced to her mom. “I don’t wish to do this though we mama.”

Despite Mama Jun being suggested by doctors not to travel, she wasn’t about to skip her grandchild’s birth.

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“I unequivocally don’t caring what my alloy says and we know it’s a vital risk, though I’ve got to be there for my baby girl,” pronounced Mama June, who immediately left with beloved Geno and youngest daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson to be by Pumpkin’s bedside. “I can’t trust she’s carrying this baby and I’m not there.”

“I know Pumpkin’s important, though your vision, a reason a alloy wanted we to stay there in a initial place is so if anything went wrong, we were tighten by,” pronounced Geno. “Now you’re 7 hours divided if something goes wrong, afterwards what are we going to do?”

But for Mama June, “that’s a risk that we take.”

While Mama Jun was battling traffic, Pumpkin was fast labor pains. “It is horrendous,” she said. “I’m only prepared during this indicate to be a mama, have my baby here and afterwards also have mom here.”

Though Mama Jun wasn’t certain she’d make it to a sanatorium before to a birth, she arrived only in time to see Pumpkin, who had been “in so most pain” for some-more than 6 hours, give birth. “I wouldn’t skip this for anything,” pronounced Mama June.

At 5:01 a.m. on Dec. 8, Pumpkin welcomed her daughter: “Everyone accommodate Ella Grace. She’s 7 lbs. and 14 oz. and she’s perfect.”

“This is one of a biggest days of my life and I’m so blissful that we was means to make it,” pronounced Mama June. “Even if it has messed adult my eye, it was all value it to be means to be there for Pumpkin.”

“It really was value a expostulate during a finish of a day, definitely,” pronounced Mama June. “I would not change anything I’ve ever finished to be here for this moment.”

Despite a fun she felt while sitting in a smoothness room after a birth of her granddaughter, Mama Jun seemed to be battling becloud vision.

“Are your eyes okay?” Pumpkin asked before handing Ella Grace to Mama June, who didn’t respond before cameras faded to black.