Secret Superstar actor Aamir Khan: Shah Rukh Khan is a good storyteller

Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, SRK Aamir, Aamir SRK, Aamir SRK selfie Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, SRK Aamir, Aamir SRK, Aamir SRK selfie  Aamir Khan pronounced he loves to hear stories told by Shah Rukh Khan

Superstar Aamir Khan pronounced his crony Shah Rukh Khan is an interesting chairman and a smashing storyteller. Aamir pronounced that while both of them are extraordinary as personalities, he prefers to listen to what a Shah Rukh says. “I have sat with Shah Rukh many times. He is a unequivocally interesting chairman to lay with. He is smashing in revelation stories. we adore listening to him. we consider between him and me, we am some-more extraordinary since we like to hear him talk.

“I like a approach he narrates his stories. He unequivocally brings a impulse alive. He is a smashing storyteller and there is a good fun in listening to him,” Aamir pronounced in an speak here. The “Dangal” actor is now bustling compelling his arriving prolongation “Secret Superstar”, in that he plays a decorated song composer.

The 52-year-old actor pronounced there are “real people who exist” like his character, though he is nowhere tighten to him. “Why it is a tough purpose for me is since we have to feel like that character. When he is full of himself, we contingency feel ‘I am a best.’ It should come from within, that doesn’t routinely come to me. we am always doubt my work.

“My healthy instinct is to be vicious of myself since this male is not during all. He is certain that he is a best, no doubt about it,” he said. Aamir also refuted a rumours that a impression is desirous by song composer Anu Malik.

“You might see glimpses of people though it’s not modelled on any one person. It’s not desirous by any one.” Written and destined by Advait Chandan, “Secret Superstar” chronicles a story of a child, played by Zaira Wasim, who aspires to be a singer. The film reunites Aamir and Wasim post their blockbuster “Dangal”.

While both a cinema speak about women empowerment, “‘Secret Superstar’ is a bigger film than ‘Dangal’, he says. “The disproportion is, in ‘Dangal’ a lead impression is still a man. It is Mahavir’s dreams that we are saying removing fulfilled. It is when he decides, not son though my daughters can also do it. It’s his decision, not a daughters.

“In ‘Secret Superstar’, it is driven by a womanlike character, a 14-year-old lady in Vadodara. While ‘Dangal’ talks to a parents, perplexing to tell them not to compute between a lady and a child child, this film talks to a teenagers,” Aamir said. “Secret Superstar” is scheduled to recover on Oct 19.

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