Secret Superstar actor Aamir Khan: we don’t fear losing stardom

Aamir Khan, Secret superstar, aamir khan tip superstar, tip luminary aamir khan, tip luminary movie Aamir Khan, Secret superstar, aamir khan tip superstar, tip luminary aamir khan, tip luminary movie  ‘Secret Superstar’ actor Aamir Khan says that he is not fearful of losing his fame, success and stardom.

“It’s not ‘whether it will happen’, it’s ‘when it’ll happen’?” says Aamir Khan about losing fame, success and stardom, something that a luminary insists he does not worry about during all. With uninterrupted blockbusters and films that altered a abbreviation of blurb movie-making, Aamir has forged his niche in a industry.

In an interview, Aamir says, “I indeed don’t fear that (losing stardom). we am really transparent that we am going to remove it all. we have no doubt in my mind that there will be a day when we will not have all this. So since fear? Death is going to come to all of us. Even creativity goes to a living duration and finally, it gets destroyed. It’s a healthy routine of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Everything that exists will get destroyed. we will remove all of this, definitely.”

The actor says what he does remove his nap over is if he is doing a wily routine of filmmaking righteously or not. “I fear what we have set out to make, can we grasp it fully? The routine of filmmaking is so complex, that if we go wrong even in one step, your film won’t be what we set out to make. My consistent fear that also keeps me alert—is only that. “What we are perplexing to grasp have we achieved it? My biggest fear is that. We shouldn’t go wrong there. Will we remove my creativity? For certain we will. Will we remove my fame? Hundred percent we will. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a matter of time,” he says.

In a final decade itself, a 52-year-old actor has headlined projects that have set tellurian box bureau records, from ‘3 Idiots’, ‘PK’, ‘Dhoom 3’ to ‘Dangal’. Aamir, however, feels he can never be bigger than a films he has been a partial of. “Stars are done by films. It isn’t a other approach around. we can never explain that a film became a strike since of me. If we demeanour during ‘PK’, ‘Dangal’, ‘3 Idiots’, as a star a limit we can do is move in a initial weekend.”

“As an actor, we am contributing in a artistic aspect. The large credit of all these films goes to a directors and a writers. They should get a credit or if a film doesn’t work it is a director’s shortcoming too,” he adds. One would disagree that eventually a choice of doing those films was only his, though Aamir insists he should not be given a credit.

“It is my good happening to be a partial of these films. Imagine if we didn’t have ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Lagaan’ or ‘3 Idiots’ where would we be? My career is built on these films. The choice is mine, we chose well, though we shouldn’t be credited so most for that. “It’s like when we tell your mom to make kaali daal for a meal. When guest have it, we can’t contend ‘this was my choice’. You didn’t make a food, we only suggested. The tangible credit goes to your mom for cooking a food.” Aamir’s subsequent is Advait Chandan’s ‘Secret Superstar’. Also featuring Zaira Wasim a film will strike a theatres on Oct 19.

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