Scuffles during China rights counsel trial

Media captionThe BBC’s John Sudworth was pushed divided by confidence officials as he attempted to news from outward court

One of China’s many distinguished tellurian rights lawyers has left on hearing in Beijing, amid scuffles outward court.

Pu Zhiqiang is indicted of “inciting racial hatred” and “picking quarrels and inspiring trouble”.

Foreign journalists, diplomats and a tiny organisation of Chinese protesters were manhandled by confidence officials outward a court.

Mr Pu is a latest to be attempted in a crackdown on lawyers, dissidents, and those indicted of corruption.

He posted comments on amicable media derisive a statute Communist Party and doubt policies towards Xinjiang’s Muslim Uighur minority, as good as Tibetans.

Mr Pu has been in apprehension given May 2014, after he attended an eventuality to commemorate a 25th anniversary of a Tiananmen Square crackdown. He participated in a Tiananmen protests as a student.

The BBC’s John Sudworth, who is outward a court, says that given a government’s parsimonious control of a courts, there is roughly no possibility of an exculpation and Mr Pu expected faces a extensive spell in prison.

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The plainclothes officials rouging adult observers were wearing yellow smiley face stickers

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The box of Pu Zhiqiang (right) has gained general prominence

Outside court, a US diplomat review out a matter observant that lawyers and polite multitude leaders in China should not be theme to “continuing repression” and called on Beijing to defend rights enshrined in a country’s constitution.

An EU diplomat was prevented from creation a matter outward court. It pronounced that a hearing lifted “serious questions of coherence with China’s inherent guarantees of leisure of assembly, opinion and expression,” according to photographs of a matter posted on amicable media by reporters.

Diplomats from a series of countries were collected outward justice though reporters during a stage pronounced officials would not concede any of them to enter.

International rights groups have described Mr Pu’s box as domestic persecution. Amnesty International says there have been “repeated procedural irregularities” in his prosecution.

Pu Zhiqiang represented artist Ai Weiwei in a taxation semblance case that critics complained was politically motivated. He also campaigned for a contingent abolition of a work stay system, underneath that suspects could be incarcerated for years but trial.