Science behind because we shouldn’t eat lunch alone

Businessman sitting during desk, eating salad


I’m broke to acknowledge that a keyboard on that I’m typing this essay is somewhat gummy from a peanut butter and preserve sandwich we ate during my table a few days ago.

As usual, we insincere that we was crunched for time and had softened not take even a half-hour mangle to consort with coworkers.

It’s frequency an odd feeling. Surveys have found that a whopping 80% of workers eat during their desks, in annoy of investigate that suggests holding a midday mangle can be highly restorative.

Now, new investigate offers another inducement to mangle for lunch instead of perplexing to plow true by a workday: Taking a time to ready and eat dishes with coworkers can assistance boost organisation performance.

For a study, that was highlighted recently in The Harvard Business Review, researchers during Cornell University looked during teams of firefighters during 13 firehouses in a vast US city.

The researchers schooled that firefighters frequently ready and eat during slightest one dish together, including cooking and soaking dishes, depending on a length of their shifts. Firefighters reported that it creates them feel like a family, and that they mostly spend time in a dining room while they’re on call.

When researchers surveyed a firefighters, they found that cooking and eating together not usually helped a firefighters bond, though also softened organisation performance.

Specifically, a some-more mostly teams ate together, a softened they performed, according to self-reports. And teams that baked together were about twice as expected to denote mild behavior, like going out of their approach to assistance coworkers outward a bounds of their job.

Of course, a researchers acknowledge that they can’t contend for certain that scheming and eating food together causes organisation opening to improve. It competence also be a box that high-performing teams are some-more expected to eat together.

The researchers also note that there are some intensity disadvantages to eating with coworkers, such as employees combining mealtime “cliques” and apropos removed from other staff.

Yet, presumption that workers use lunchtime gatherings as a approach to forge new relations instead of tighten people off, eating together could be an easy (and enjoyable) approach to urge organisation performance.

While it competence be formidable to replicate a knowledge of cooking and soaking dishes in a firehouse, many of us have a ability to spend half an hour eating a sandwich in a cafeteria. As The Harvard Business Review points out, instead of watchful for possibility encounters in a restroom, for example, we can devise to have lunch together a few times a week.

It competence seem like you’re wasting time when we should be working, though in a prolonged run, we could see discernible benefits.

As for me, I’ll be bringing my PBJ to a Business Insider kitchen this afternoon.