Scary! Private Plane Carrying Morgan Freeman Crash Lands In Mississippi

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Thankfully, no one was hurt!

Morgan Freeman was a usually newcomer on a private craft holding off out of Mississippi on Saturday night, when hydraulic problems started causing difficulty for a pilots.

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After job out a mayday to internal airports, a organisation was forced to make an puncture alighting in Tunica, Mississippi, reduction than 40 miles from where a craft had primarily taken off.

Once a craft descended to a airfield in Tunica, though, a whole new set of problems popped up: a jet never stopped during a finish of a runway!

Freeman’s jet careened past a runway, into a mud margin during a puncture landing, that is horrifying!

According to Freeman himself, a alighting was a success, though:

“Sometimes things don’t go as designed and a tire blew on take-off that caused other problems. But interjection to my glorious commander Jimmy Hobson we landed safely but a scratch. we can't contend a same about my plane.”


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Again, we’re only happy everybody is safe and OK!

[Image around Rob Rich/WENN.]

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