Save Danielle: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Dad Starts GoFundMe To Money To Fight For Custody

Well, contend hello to Danielle Bregoli’s father, Ira Peskowitz. The ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl’s father started a GoFundMe to ‘save’ his 13-year-old daughter on Mar 2, given he claims that he’s been ‘alienated’ as a parent! Do we have a liaison on a hands? Get a details!

We were introduced to Danielle Bregoli, 13, aka “Cash Me Outside” girl, when she seemed on Dr. Phil as an “out of control” teen in Dec. 2016. Since then, we’ve seen video footage of fights, we’ve seen her regulating pithy language, and she’s reportedly dropped out of school. Now, Danielle’s father, Ira Peskowitz, is stepping in and holding movement to “save” her. He started a GoFundMe account on Mar 2, that’s already lifted over $1,000 in only one day.

On a GoFundMe page, Peskowitz claims that he’s disloyal from Danielle due “parental alienation,” that he apparently seems to indicate a finger during her mother, Barbara, for. Read his full reason for a fundraising page, below:

“I’m reaching out to a world, humbly, as a father that was disloyal from my daughter, Danielle, as a outcome of parental alienation. we have always taken caring of her financially though was denied a event to truly be a benefaction primogenitor and change her life. As a result, Danielle and her destiny have been compromised with a miss of a adore and superintendence a child needs to be means to develop in this world. I’m seeking for assistance with covering fees compared to authorised losses to get her a correct assistance she needs to be means to have a happy and healthy life in a fast home with a clever certain future.”

When Danielle seemed on Dr. Phil behind in Dec. 2016, she became romantic when she spoke about her father, who she claimed had “another life.” Her father is a Palm Beach County sheriff’s emissary who lives with his mom of 13 years and their two children.

Peskowitz thinks his daughter’s recent function — that includes flashing bullion grillz, adhering her center finger to a camera in swat videos and some-more — is “appalling,” around the Palm Beach Post in a Feb. 10 interview. “That function is appalling. And it’s abominable that anyone can consider it is excusable behavior,” he told a site. “And Dr. Phil? Shame on him.” Yikes.

On a Dr Phil part titled, “I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime,” Danielle’s mom referred to her daughter as “the Antichrist.” However, Danielle’s father believes that she’s only “taken on this persona” that a show’s displayed. “I don’t consider this is an immorality lady here,” Peskowitz said. “I don’t consider she is a Antichrist.” Well, that’s good.

Danielle’s mom and father don’t have a good attribute whatsoever, according to him and purported justice docs from a Palm Beach Post. They’ve reportedly been in and out of justice given Danielle was born, and there’s even been purported accusations of domestic assault between a two.

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Peskowitz claims that Danielle’s mom has done it scarcely unfit for him to revisit his daughter via a years, although he’s reached out. “She is still young,” he pronounced of his daughter. “Danielle needs to be authorised to be a normal, healthy 13-year-old girl. Danielle needs to get treatment, needs to get a good education, get concerned in earthy activity.”

As for his hit with a now famous teen? — He told a site that he does keep in hold with Danielle. However, it’s mostly by phone. Peskowitz unfortunately suggested that they have a scattered relationship.

“Danielle feels deserted by me,” he said. “That bad girl. we did not desert her. we left her mother, though we did not desert her,” Peskowitz revealed. “I know there is a small lady in there and we wish one day she can cuddle me and say, ‘I adore you, daddy.’” This is impossibly sad.

HollywoodLifers, do we consider Danielle will respond to her father?