Satyameva Jayate actor John Abraham: We should do something to make India protected for women

Satyameva Jayate actor John AbrahamSatyameva Jayate actor John Abraham Actor John Abraham will be personification a vigilante in Satyameva Jayate.

Actor-producer John Abraham, who has been doing nationalistic films for a while now, feels that a universe has now turn a dangerous place to live in. During a graduation of his stirring film Satyameva Jayate here on Thursday, he said, “The whole universe is removing polarised. Now if something goes wrong, people start blaming a sold community. By communalising, we are usually formulating border elements in a society. After apropos border elements, people turn extremists. So it is us who are formulating terror.”

Satyameva Jayate is an action-thriller film that highlights a problem of crime and other issues prevalent in a society. In a trailer, John can be seen delivering clever dialogues on sacrament and corruption.

Asked about lynchings and killings function in a nation in a name of religion, John’s co-star Manoj Bajpayee said, “People have started creation sacrament a joke. we also trust in religion. Everyone has his or her possess belief, though instead of creation a fun out of one’s religion, one should honour and strengthen his or her religion.”

Manoj also voiced his annoy on a Kanwar occurrence that concerned dozens of Shiva devotees branch aroused and outstanding a automobile here.

John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee during satyameva jayate promotionsJohn Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee during satyameva jayate promotions John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee were seen carrying some fun during a promotional eventuality in Delhi. (Source: APH Images)

He cited his possess experience. “When we was 17, we also went on this event from Sultanganj to Haridwar to fetch holy water. It was a smashing experience, though now what we am reading from a past dual days about a occurrence where dozens of kanwariyas, armed with sticks, wrecked a car… creates me sick. What these indignant mobs did is not my religion. My sacrament is what we have experienced. By doing all this, people are only derisive their possess religion.”

John also voiced his regard over women’s reserve in India. He said, “People get annoyed when someone from outward says that India is not protected for women. we also feel bad, though this is a truth. So instead of feeling bad, one should do something and make a protected place for women.”

“If we see a lady being molested, and if we ask that woman, she will feel that her garments are being taken off even but a man’s earthy touch. we feel like slapping that man. First, what is indispensable is to make a women feel safe.”

Satyameva Jayate will recover on Aug 15.

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