Sarah Hyland Talks Suicidal Thoughts Amid Health Battle: ‘I Was Very Close’

It has not been an easy highway for Sarah Hyland. The 28-year-old Modern Family star might be all about a jokes on screen, though in genuine life, she’s had a array of unequivocally critical health issues that have led to ongoing pain and depression. 

On Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hyland opens adult about only how bad things got for her during one point, observant she had genuine suicidal thoughts following a array of surgeries. 

“At a time we was 26, though after 26/27 years of only always being ill and being in ongoing pain each singular day and we don’t know when you’re going to have a subsequent good day, it’s really, unequivocally hard,” Hyland tells DeGeneres. “I would write letters in my conduct to desired ones of since we did it and my logic behind it, how it was nobody’s fault. we didn’t wish to write it down on paper since we didn’t wish anybody to find it. That’s how critical we was.”

She describes herself as “very, very, unequivocally close” to holding her possess life. 

“It finished adult being myself that got me out of that,” she says. “I had to do it on my own. we told myself we had to do it on my own.”

The branch indicate came when Hyland finally verbalized her enterprise to finish her life to a friend. 

“Just observant it out shrill helped immensely since we kept it to myself for months and months during a time,” she says. “I didn’t wish anybody to know that we was that close, since if they knew they would try to convince me.”

Though finally vocalization her law out shrill was what helped move her behind from a brink, Hyland records that she doesn’t wish to pronounce for all people struggling with depression. 

“Every chairman with their stress or basin or if we have suicidal thoughts, each particular is different, so we wouldn’t only rest on all that we say,” she urges. “I’m only pity my story. But we consider articulate to someone and observant it out shrill really, unequivocally creates it sound roughly absurd and it puts it into perspective.”

A vital partial of her support complement these days is Hyland’s boyfriend, Wells Adams. The span went on their initial date only days before she was set to have a kidney transplant. At a time, she had been articulate to a Bachelor in Paradise star, and told him he had to come out to Los Angeles or their intrigue would never happen. He shortly called her behind with a devise to accommodate up. 

“I found out like a few months into a attribute that it was unequivocally only a fluke and he didn’t fly to L.A. only for me,” she quips. “It was only a convenience.”

Hyland recently opened adult about her health problems in Self magazine. Watch a shave next for more: