Sanjay Leela Bhansali almost would not have charity me Tattad Tattad had we not been helping on Ram-Leela, says Aditya Narayan!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali almost would not have charity me Tattad Tattad had we not been helping on Ram-Leela, says Aditya Narayan!

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Aditya Narayan hasn’t been approached by a unaccompanied composer given twin vast hits in 2013. He also reveals sum about his nearing publishing and how he’s spending all his benefit on realising his dream…

“No composer has asked me to sing a aria for him in 28 years. Even Sanjay sir (Bhansali) almost would not have charity me Tattad Tattad and Ishqiyaon Dhishqiyaon, had we not been helping him in Ram-Leela,” Aditya Narayan tells us over a phone.

Missing something?


It’s definitely an honest admission, and in that instant, one realises that here’s a male who doesn’t clout his words, even if it means explanation his possess shortcomings. “After a songs became such vast hits, we went to a array of composers and told them I’d like to work with them, yet maybe I’m vacant some step in between,” he adds with a laugh.

Hard during work

While his playback career cunning not be many to write home about, on a singing front, Aditya’s never been brief of work. He’s been hosting Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs, hosting shows and working live for audiences conflicting a republic and abroad. And with his latest project, a thespian hopes to pierce about a reformation in a cocktail aria entertainment in a country. He’s roughly finished with a work on his album, Mohobbat, and will shortly redeem a third unaccompanied from his album, blue-blooded Zindagi.

‘My showreel’

Prod him offer about this try and he says, “It has always been my dream to allow my possess publishing and now I’m doing that. After Ram-Leela, we asked myself, ‘What now?’ and we realised that this is what we wanted to do. People have called me to sing for them with their outlook of what I’m means of. But we wish to now expose them what we am means of. In a way, this is my showreel.”

All his women

Along with his band, The A Team, Aditya has worked on a 8 bizarre songs, 3 of that he has combined and stoical himself. “It’s a visualisation album, where any aria is a entertainment of venerate in my life. It’s a personal album, and I’ve combined songs on women we have been with in a past. A la Taylor Swift? we ask and he laughs, “No, we haven’t bitched about my exes. Nobody pennyless my heart and we didn’t smack anyone’s either.”

Realising my dreams

This publishing is clearly unequivocally tie to Aditya’s heart and he reveals that it cunning be one of a many dear albums assembled in a country. “I have spent any penny we have fitting given Ram-Leela on producing this album. For me, income is usually a means to comprehend my dreams. By God’s grace, for my age, I’m earning a lot of money. While people assault to make ends meet, we assault to spend my money,” he guffaws.

Giving back

On a vicious note, Aditya says that maybe this is God’s proceed of explanation him what he needs to do with all that moolah. “I cunning be doing a lot of content work, yet what is my extend to a star as a artistic soul? My anticipation is that cocktail aria will be vast in another 3 years, and by thereafter I’ll be proceed brazen of others. I’m usually looking during a future,” he smiles.

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