Sanjay Dutt on Reema Lagoo death: we have mislaid my mom again

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Hours after Reema Lagoo breathed her final after pang a cardiac detain early on Thursday, a unhappy Sanjay Dutt has pronounced that he has mislaid his mom again. Reema played mom to Sanjay Dutt in a series of films including Saajan and Vaastav.

The 59-year-old actor was applauded for her purpose of Shanta who kills her possess son, played by Sanjay Dutt, in 1999 film Vaastav. This was not a usually film where Sanjay Dutt felt a regard of Reema’s maternal love. There were others including Saajan where Sanjay and Reema common a mother-son bond. As a remarkable passing of a actor during a immature age left a Bollywood attention saddened and shocked, actor Sanjay Dutt who is now in Dubai, is deeply influenced by a unhappy news.

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“I have mislaid a mom again today. We worked together in several cinema and each time that we worked with her, we learnt something new. Her passing has left a blank that is formidable to fill. May God give strength to her family and tighten ones,” pronounced Sanjay Dutt in a statement. Sanjay Dutt’s genuine mother, Nargis Dutt, died of pancreatic cancer when he was usually 22.

Though Sanjay and Reema had usually dual years detached in age though still a actors managed to beautifully execute a attribute between a mom and a son on screen. Sanjay and Reema common a shade in cinema like Vaastav, Saajan, Hathyar, and Gumrah among others.

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Reema Lagoo played a Bollywood maa for a longest time. The initial time she took a plea was when she stepped in her thirties. The 1990s valid to be a golden duration in Reema’s behaving career as not usually her films though her radio shows like Tu Tu Mai Mai and Shrimaan Shrimati were good perceived by a audience.

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