Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million To The Harvey Relief Effort — Meanwhile Master P Calls Out Kevin Hart For Turning Donations Into A Competition

sandra bullock donates 1 million harvey relief

Sandra Bullock is appreciative inside and out.

On Tuesday, it was suggested that a Oscar personality has donated $1 million to a Red Cross in method to assistance a victims of Hurricane Harvey. Color us impressed!

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In regards to her donation, Miz Bullock simply stated:

“I’m customarily gratified we can do it. We have to take caring of one another.”

And she’s common to feet — we customarily venerate Sandy. Although, we can’t contend we’re bewildered to learn that a 53-year-old finished a benefaction as she owns a home in Austin. As we positively know, Hurricane Harvey has taken during smallest 30 lives and has scorched collection of Houston and Texas’ Gulf Coast.

Not to mention, Bullock isn’t a customarily A-lister who has pitched in financially following a disaster down south. Comedian Kevin Hart led a donating allot as he called out his famous friends to benefaction amid a healthy disaster. While many of Hart’s pals have answered his challenge, others have criticized a humorous masculine for strong-arming celebs into donating.

Specifically, hip-hop eminent Master P had a few choice disproportion for Kevin following a Central Intelligence actor’s campaign. Apparently, Master P doesn’t trust that celebs should have to share how many they’ve donated as it isn’t a competition. In fact, a courtesy ancestor conspicuous that as enlarged as a benefaction came from a heart, he’s happy.

In a trim achieved by TMZ, Master P explained:

“I’m consecrated Kevin Hart finished a donation, yet we don’t feel like he need to do that given it’s not necessary. A Lot of people are gon’ do what they wish to do. It’s they’ money… we Don’t cruise we need to do that to other people. we meant customarily let them give from their heart”

In box we were wondering, the Make Em Say Uhh artist has donated to a Harvey use effort. It’ll be inneresting to see if Kevin responds to this backlash. Stay tuned!

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