San Juan Mayor Slams ‘Miscommunicator-In-Chief’ Donald Trump After ‘Insulting’ Visit To Puerto Rico

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This is only embarrassing.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is job out Donald Trump after his “insulting” revisit to Puerto Rico — that felt some-more to her like a PR attempt — on Tuesday.

Speaking to MSNBC, a internal politician was understandably annoyed by POTUS’ unresponsive comments per a hurricane-ravaged island.

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She said:

“This was a PR, 17-minute meeting. There was no sell with anybody. With nothing of a mayors.”

As for his stipulation that Puerto Rico has thrown the U.S. bill “out of whack,” Cruz said:

“He was scornful to a people of Puerto Rico … He minimized a pang here by observant Katrina was a ‘real’ disaster, arrange of implying that this was not a genuine disaster since not many people have died here. Well we know what, they’re dying.”

Then there was a “terrible and monstrous view” of Trump throwing paper towels into a crowd of people who are suffering.

Cruz responded:

“That is not a land of a giveaway and a home of a brave, a guide of democracy, that people have schooled to demeanour adult to opposite a world.”


“He’s arrange of like miscommunicator-in-chief. You don’t go to another place when people are in hazard and pang and float around in a helicopter but carrying kind difference to say.”

Watch her talk (below):

Of course, Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to protest about a “fake” news coverage and to contend a outing was “great.”

We consider we’ll take Carmen’s word that it wasn’t.

[Image around MSNBC.]

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