San Bernardino Massacre: First Photo Of Female Shooter Tashfeen Malik Revealed — See Pic

We’re finally removing a initial demeanour during a mom incited torpedo who helped slay 14 trusting victims during a holiday celebration in San Bernardino, CA Dec. 2. Tashfeen Malik reportedly put adult a oath to a militant organisation ISIS before she and Syed Farook went on their lethal massacre.

Tashfeen Malik‘s initial print has finally been revealed, and we’re removing to see what a impersonal torpedo looks like. She assimilated husband Syed Farook, 28, on a killing mission where they used rifles to murder 14 of his San Bernardino County Health Department colleagues, along with injuring another 17. The integrate was after killed in a shootout with police.

This is a face of a mill cold killer. Tafsheen Malik helped gun down 14 trusting victims along with her father during his workplace holiday party. Since a killings it’s been reported that she was radicalized and allegedly posted her devotion to ISIS underneath an alias on amicable media before going on a murdering spree. As we previously reported, authorities seized a pair’s dungeon phones and computers and allegedly found a Facebook comment underneath a opposite name that belonged to Tashfeen. It was on this comment that authorities reportedly found a Facebook post in that she affianced her faithfulness to ISIS and a leader, Abu Bakr al-Bagghadi. Scary!

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It’s been suggested that Tafsheen creatively hailed from Pakistan though had lived in Saudi Arabia where she met Syed. She entered a states final summer on a “fiance” visa and afterwards performed a Green Card, U.S. officials have revealed. Tafsheen and Syed married in Aug 2014 and had a baby daughter only 6 months ago. Since afterwards a integrate stockpiled a practical arsenal inside their apartment, with thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of siren bombs.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to a victims and families of this meaningless massacre.