Salman Khan will star in his possess biopic: Varun Dhawan

salman khan and varun dhawansalman khan and varun dhawan Last year, Varun Dhawan seemed in a reconstitute on Salman Khan’s 1997 film Judwaa.

Since a commencement of his career, fans have compared Varun Dhawan to luminary Salman Khan given his mass interest and clever balance as a blurb Hindi film hero. It is mostly speculated that if a biopic is ever done on Salman, a immature actor will be a ideal choice.

However, Varun, who is privately utterly tighten to a 52-year-old superstar, feels Salman is too immature to have a biopic done on him.

“He is too immature to make a biopic on,” a immature star quipped, in a organisation interview, when asked about a suspicion of him starring in Salman’s biopic.

When prodded about a thought, Varun Dhawan said, “No, not right now. we consider he will star in his possess biopic right now. But in all seriousness, we am only blissful he is back. we have some-more of a personal attribute than a veteran attribute (with him).”

The Oct actor was also asked about his greeting on Salman Khan removing bail in a 1998 Blackbuck poaching box after spending dual nights in Jodhpur jail.

“Everyone is relieved. we pronounced this progressing in a twitter that him and his family unequivocally value, honour and trust in a Indian law and they will go about it in a best authorised approach possible. But as someone who has a personal attribute with him, we am unequivocally really happy that he’s home. we went to accommodate him yesterday and it feels unequivocally good to see him,” pronounced Varun Dhawan.

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