‘Sacking Mourinho would be foolish’

Chelsea owners Roman Abramovich would be “foolish” to pouch manager Jose Mourinho, says former Manchester United trainer Sir Alex Ferguson.

The reigning champions are 14th in a Premier League carrying mislaid 8 of their 15 matches this season.

It has been reported that Mourinho

could be sacked 

if a Blues destroy to win their subsequent dual games.

“There is no indicate in sacking one of a best coaches of all time,” pronounced Ferguson.

“He has sacked so many coaches in a final 10 years. we am certain he has schooled by it.

“He has to trust and have certainty that Jose can spin it round. In each nation he has managed in he has won a large trophies.

“It would be ridiculous to pouch him. It would be bad management.”

Mourinho returned to Chelsea in a summer of 2013 and won a joining and Capital One Cup in his second season, adding to a dual joining titles, FA Cup and dual League Cups he won during his initial spell during a bar from 2004 to 2007.

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich has has 9 managers during his tenure of Chelsea

Between his stints during Stamford Bridge he won 4 vital trophies with Inter Milan and dual during Real Madrid.

“Now is a initial time he has been confronted with non-success during his whole career,” pronounced Ferguson, vocalization during a TechCrunch Disrupt London event.

“For a initial time in his life he has had to understanding with bad broadside and adversity and that is a challenge.

“But there are signs they are removing behind to a balance, nonetheless they

lost on Saturday.

“All good leaders will eventually find a solution. we know a man and we know a work he has finished in football and we can’t see it durability long.”

On Saturday, Chelsea transport to

league leaders Leicester,

who are dual points transparent during a tip of a list underneath manager Claudio Ranieri and 17 forward of a Blues.

Ferguson said: “This is a large event for them. The approach they are playing, they could win a league.

“They have a plea now of either they can go a whole approach with this stream squad. If we was Claudio Ranieri we would wish investment in January.”