Saamy Square strain Molagapodiye: A not-so-memorable series from Devi Sri Prasad

Saamy Square strain MolagapodiSaamy Square strain Molagapodi Molagapodiye has been sung by Sanjith Hedge and Rita.

‘Molagapodiye, En Inipana Molagapodiye (Chilli powder, my honeyed chilli powder)’ – A new singular from Saamy Square has been expelled and it starts with this line. It is a lovable reversion to Saamy, that featured an elaborate method involving a lead actors and chilli powder. It was also a indicate where Vikram and Trisha tumble in adore in a film. While it competence be a cutesy introduction to a song, it is all downhill from there. While it is an easy listen, there is zero new or creatively sparkling about this song.

Written by Viveka, Molagapodiye has been sung by Sanjith Hedge and Rita. While Viveka has given us several beguiling numbers (Jingunamani, Karuppu Perazhaga) and courteous verses (Karthuvanlam Gaalejam, to quote a new example), Molagapodiye falls underneath conjunction category. The verses are a elementary rehash of a several metaphors and imagery that Tamil cinema is now some-more than informed with. Except for one other reversion to Saamy (Meesayil othamudi kondu vandhu potukava modhirama), there is zero that is clearly noted about Molagapodiye. With artistic lyricists on board, it is time we changed over a common metaphors.

The strain is from a strain fast of Devi Sri Prasad. That square of information is saying a obvious, as one can realize it can’t be any other composer if we hear a strain once. Molagapodiye has a DSP elements — a groovy beat, a elementary and simply hummable tune. But it is time a strain composer experimented with his music. Since a sounds are so similar, that a strain constantly feels familiar.

Saamy Square stars Vikram, Aishwarya Rajesh and Keerthy Suresh. Directed by Hari, it is a second installment of his strike 2013 patrolman film Saamy.

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