Ryback On Why Roman Reigns Hasn’t Turned Heel, Underutilized WWE Stars, Why Curtis Axel Isn’t Pushed

Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

Recently on Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about either WWE would spin Roman Reigns heel. Also, Ryback named some WWE talents who are being underutilized by a world’s largest veteran wrestling promotion.

According to Ryback, Reigns substantially has not been incited heel since his sell moves.  

“If we remember correctly, fans were entertaining a f–k out of him when he was partial of The Shield. So here’s another theory, and like, fans though… a some-more successful we are, a some-more people hatred you. But, we do feel, like [Ryback and podcast co-host Pat Buck] talked about, we have to acknowledge them on a certain level, yet a reason, if they haven’t finished it yet, it’s substantially since of a sell numbers that he’s pulling in [are] substantially very, unequivocally strong. Oh, we know so. we would pledge it, pledge it. And that’s by design. They know that they’re selling to a masses with him, that audience. They could spin him heel and play to that tiny part, yet afterwards you’re going to remove out a small bit on a merchandising finish on him and stuff.”

In Ryback’s estimation, a view common by many pro wrestling pundits and fans, a heel spin could make ‘The Big Dog’ even some-more over as a babyface in a prolonged run.

“I demeanour during it though, if we did acknowledge them and spin him heel during a right time, we could make him an even bigger babyface. You could get those people to indeed unequivocally like him if we did that and took a step back, that they competence do. You never know. He’s in their small middle circle, so anything’s probable with him. we adore Roman. we consider he’s awesome.”

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On a theme of underutilized talent, Ryback named Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Rusev, and Curtis Axel. ‘The Human Wrecking Ball’ remarkable that ‘The Swiss Superman’, ‘The Show Off’, and ‘The Backwoods Brawler’ are figured into WWE’s skeleton insofar as they are always being used, yet a contingent have not gotten to a subsequent level.

“Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, and Luke Harper are 3 that are figured in as distant as being on TV, who we consider can be used in improved roles. And then, they never really… they’re prohibited and cold too often, like a lot of guys are, yet they’re usually 3 unusual talents.”

On a theme of Rusev, Ryback indicated that he would wish some-more for ‘The Bulgarian Brute’.

“Obviously, Rusev, we’ve seen, as of late, had not been used to a best of his ability compared to what he has been in a past.” Ryback continued, “he’s a good heel for them and generates good heat. And we feel like he should always be stable to a grade and always figured in to a degree. He doesn’t always have to be a champion. But they have a unequivocally bad robe of usually doing foolish things.”

Ryback had some high regard for his former tab group partner, Curtis Axel, job him both “respected” and “beyond talented”. Despite a platitudes of a former Skip Sheffield, a former Michael McGillicutty frequency finds himself on Monday Night RAW.

“Curtis Axel is one guy, a usually man we could consider of off a tip of my conduct who is not on TV, like, during all. we know he’s on live events, yet we never see him on TV. And we don’t know what it is. And there has always been something opposite him from giving him that name, Michael McGillicutty, never vouchsafing him use a Hennig name, and it usually sucks. He’s one of a nicest guys adult there and he’s reputable by everybody and he’s over talented.” Ryback recalled, “I used to always come adult with things for him. I’d call him ‘The Ax Man’, that is where that [came from] and afterwards his finisher was ‘The Ax Hole’. And it creates sense, yet they don’t do anything with it.”

Ryback speculated that Axel’s apparent adverse position with WWE competence have been caused by a ribs of his father.

“He [has] given them representation after representation after representation and they just… we don’t know if it goes behind to Mr. Perfect and something that he competence have done. we know he was a large ribber and if they’re usually pissed off and it’s their approach of removing back, by, like, not vouchsafing him [advance]. He should be on TV each week in some ability and they give him stupid things.”

Ryback went on to advise that WWE would make some-more income with Axel going by his birth name, yet WWE is “hellbent” opposite it.

“They would make some-more income now vouchsafing him do that and usually being on TV each week. Whether they use him in a good ability or not, they would make some-more income off of him that approach and concede him to make some-more money, yet they’re usually so hellbent on not vouchsafing him do that. And he’s a good soldier. He’ll never pronounce adult and contend anything bad, yet we will. And we usually consider they need to do something with him. It sucks.”

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