Ryan Seacrest Forced to Talk About Julianne Hough Wedding on Live!

Ryan Seacrest was put in an intensely awkward position when he was forced by Kelly Ripa to speak about a weekend matrimony of Julianne Hough to NHL actor Brooks Laich.

Of course, Ryan Seacrest dated a Dancing with a Stars pro Julianne Hough for 3 years, from 2010-2013 and there were rumors that Ryan was so in adore that he designed to cocktail a question.  Instead, it was reported that Ryan was left sad when Julianne finished their attribute since she wasn’t prepared for matrimony and that a couple’s age disproportion (Ryan is 14 years older) also played a cause in their split.

Although Ryan Seacrest seems to have changed on, it still has to be ungainly to be forced to speak about a matrimony of an ex, and to have to do it on live television.  But interjection to untrustworthy co-host, Kelly Ripa, Ryan had to do only that.

During Monday’s Live! show, a co-hosts were ostensible to plead a weddings of both Julianne Hough and associate Dancing With a Stars alum Peta Murgatroyd to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who also married this weekend.  Instead of vouchsafing Ryan speak about a matrimony of Peta and Maksim, untrustworthy Kelly Ripa handed Ryan a design of Julianne Hough’s wedding, forcing him to criticism on Julianne’s matrimony details.

Of course, Ryan Seacrest is a pro, so he congratulated a integrate before adding that Julianne looked “stunning” in her matrimony gown.  Although he stumbled a bit when looking during a design of a integrate who married on a lake in Idaho, saying, “I know this family.  I’ve been on this lake.”  Many viewers felt it was ungainly for Ryan to announce that in a past he had been with Julianne Hough during a same lake where she chose to get married, though he was substantially only held off-guard during carrying to criticism on her matrimony during all.

The weekend finally arrived- And it was MAGICAL!!! The weekend my best friend, my adore of my life, and my new father @brookslaich and we brought a family and closest friends together to have fun, enthuse love, and applaud a marriage! I’m so beholden we get to spend perpetually with this impossibly kind, thoughtful, clever and brave man. I’m a luckiest lady in a universe to be your wife! It was truly a many special time in a lives and since we trust so most in putting adore out into a universe to assistance enthuse and enthuse others, we have motionless to share a special day with all of you. To get an inside demeanour check out a integrate below! Much adore to we all! ❤️ J+B http://people.com/tv/inside-julianne-hough-brooks-laich-wedding-photos/

A post common by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on Jul 12, 2017 during 9:05am PDT

Ryan recovered from a mistake pas by observant to a happy couple, “Congratulations.  we wish them a best.”  But, Kelly Ripa was not about to let Ryan off a hook.  She afterwards bluntly asked him if it was uncanny for him to speak about his ex.  Ryan positive her that it wasn’t, though a whole sell was filled with tension.

The fact that Kelly Ripa forced Ryan to speak about Julianne’s matrimony proves once again how formidable she is to work with.  Now viewers are wondering how prolonged Ryan will select to stay during Live!

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images