Ryan Gosling Staring during Candy Falling From a Ceiling during a Oscars Is All of Us

Jimmy Kimmel has strictly lifted a bar as an Oscars host, and each horde going brazen will have to move candy. As he was scheming to deliver another endowment presenter, a late night horde said, “You can’t unequivocally have cinema though candy.” “It’s un-American,” he said. “Yeah, popcorn is, too, though we don’t have that.” And with that, as a assembly expected nodded in agreement, candy began to tumble from a roof like sorcery — and gave us critical Hunger Games vibes (but with a happy ending, of course). Bags of Red Vines and Junior Mints tied adult with a crawl fell from a theater’s roof into a throng members’ laps, and their reactions are straight-up priceless. You’ll describe to Ryan Gosling on an romantic turn as we see his amatory gaze, and some-more celebs’ waggish reactions, ahead.