Russian jet’s black box ‘unreadable’

Sergei Bainetov (R), emissary arch of a Russian Armed Forces' moody reserve service, and Nikolai Primak, authority of a Air Accident Investigation Commission, attend a news discussion on 21 DecImage copyright

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The Russians had hoped to infer a craft never entered Turkish airspace

Data on a moody recorder of a Russian fight craft downed by Turkey final month has so distant valid to be unreadable, Russia’s troops has said.

It pronounced a memory chips from a Su-24 bomber downed on a Syrian limit were broken or badly damaged.

The Russians had hoped to infer a craft never entered Turkish airspace, as claimed by Ankara. Work will continue to try to collect a data.

The occurrence sparked a vital shared crisis, with Russia commanding sanctions.

The Russian troops member presented their rough commentary in Moscow on Monday, after opening a “black box” on Friday in a participation of general experts.

Some 13 of a 16 chips had been destroyed, while cat-scan tests on a others showed extracting information would be unfit regulating normal methods.

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However, a BBC’s Sarah Rainsford in Moscow says serve work will be finished to see if other methods of retrieving a information are possible.

The Su-24 was shot down by F-16 fighters on 24 November.

Turkey insists that a jet, from a Russian atmosphere fortuitous deployed in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, abandoned warnings to leave a airspace.

Both organisation members ejected though a commander was killed, apparently by militants on a belligerent while a navigator was rescued.

Media captionRussian President Vladimir Putin ‘enraged’ by Turkey jet action

A Russian sea sent to rescue a organisation was also killed and a helicopter broken on a ground.

Russia says a craft was shot down within Syrian airspace. President Vladimir Putin has described Turkey’s movement as a “stab in a back” committed by “accomplices of terrorists”.

Russia has demanded an reparation from Turkey and in a meantime has imposed sanctions including a anathema on package holidays, that could cost Turkey billions of dollars.