Russell Westbrook Needs To Stop Fighting And Focus On Winning OKC A Championship

Russell Westbrook is on glow this season… when a time is using and when it stops. He’s been racking adult technicals as many as he sinks buckets, and his latest fight with Golden State and Steph Curry on March 20, really got people talking. With a NBA deteriorate circuitous down, Russ needs to keep his eyes on a prize…

Damn, Russell Westbrook, what’s going on? — That was a doubt a lot of fans asked themselves final night after witnessing his rage strike an all time high. Russ, 28, and Oklahoma City Thunder suffered a tough detriment to a Golden State Warriors, 111-95, in a diversion any group generally wanted to win given of their imminent rivalries. And, before a time could run out of time, Russ was concerned in an all-out brawl with Steph Curry, 29 — one that he unequivocally didn’t have to emerge himself into.. only sayin’.

It was unequivocally between, Curry and Semaj Christon, 24. But, after a diversion Westbrook pronounced he was only fortifying his teammate, that is totally fair. However, it seems like he and Curry have some unprepared business… So, was it a ideal event to chuck a crawl Curry’s way? Maybe…

But, what we do know is, Westbrook has been a furious card, generally this 2016-2017 NBA season. He’s been racking adult technicals, including a one he perceived during Monday night’s game, that puts him during a sum of 17 technical fouls so distant this season. And, in box we didn’t know, 16 technical fouls can lead to an involuntary one-game suspension…

Not to mention, Russell’s scuffles with his former teammate, Kevin Durant, 28. In Jan. 2017, a dual common what looked like a exhilarated sell on a court, nonetheless they both downplayed it after a fact. There’s no doubt there’s got to be some bad blood given Durant left OKC to eventually follow a championship [like many people think].

And, afterwards there’s Westbrook’s sly, and waggish during times, remarks during post-game interviews. Like when a contributor asked him his thoughts about Curry’s criticism that James Harden, 27, deserved a MVP over Westbrook… “I don’t care. It don’t matter what he say. Who’s he?,” Westbrook replied. But, small did he know, he’s be throwing fists with him a few days later. Obviously there seems to be some unsettled beef with those two.

Either way, it seems like there’s a settlement here, doesn’t there? – Attitude. There’s a disproportion between intensity on a justice and, well, we’ll only contend conscious sass. Westbrook only seems like a opposite actor given Durant left in summer 2016 for a Warriors. There’s no doubt that given Durant left as a giveaway agent, Westbrook was going to have to collect it up, though his clearly persisting chip on his shoulder about Durant could be partial of a reason OKC keeps removing rocked by Golden State. Now, maybe it can be a stress of carrying that additional vigour to fill Durant’s shoes, but Westbrook needs to channel all of that into doing what he does best.

There’s no doubt Westbrook is one of a fiercest players in a NBA. He always seems to travel around with a swagger, and a bit of an attitude, in that some cases can be a good thing, and in others, it could explode completely. But, now it’s time to change things around.

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Now, I’m not holding divided from Russell’s violent talents, MVP-worthy status, passion to strengthen his teammates, or his extreme go-getter attitude. In fact, I’m privately a fan of Westbrook and his actions.. many of a time. I’m only observant that it wouldn’t harm to maybe, dial it behind a bit, and concentration on a large design — a championship for OKC.

And, there’s speak that Westbrook should make MVP; that is if he can finish off a deteriorate averaging a triple-double. But, should he? While we consider he’s a tip contender, adult there with Harden and Curry, his opinion might drag him down.

All I’m observant is, brush it off Westbrook and get your conduct in a game. We all know what you’re able of. So, YOU ultimately have to confirm if it’s time to uncover a naysayers that we can move OKC a championship this year, as good as an MVP pretension for yourself.

HollywoodLifers, what’s your take on Westbrook this season?