Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 12/17/15: Season 2 Episode 9 “President Barack Obama”

Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 12/17/15: Season 2 Episode 9 President Barack Obama

Tonight on NBC their new uncover Running With Bear Grylls front with an all new Thursday Dec 17, deteriorate 2 part 9 called, “President Barack Obama” and we’ve got your summation down below. On tonight’s part in a ancestral special book of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” Bear takes President Barack Obama on an tour in a Alaskan wilderness.

For those of we who don’t know, a uncover is formed on a same survivalist judgment as a rest of Grylls shows, such as Man vs Wild, though with a luminary fasten him for a journey. The journeys embody skydiving into a Catskill Mountains and climbing a cliffs in Utah.

On tonight’s part per a NBC summary “in a ancestral special book of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” Bear takes President Barack Obama on an tour in a Alaskan wilderness. We will see a Commander in Chief as we’ve never seen before, as a dual group span a unenlightened timberland and transport opposite a freezing outwash during Alaska’s famed Exit Glacier, where they observe a conspicuous effects of meridian change initial hand. From furious salmon and catkins tea done with melting freezing H2O to s’mores, Bear gives a President a loyal ambience of Alaska. Their off-the-script discuss reveals a President’s thoughts on his central duties, family life during a White House, parenthood and his possess faith.”

Running with Bear Grylls front tonight on NBC at 8PM EST. In a meantime, sound off your comments and let us know how vehement we are for tonight’s episode. We’ll be recapping all of a movement right here for you.

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#BearGrylls has President Obama on a uncover tonight. They are in Seward, Alaska. Bear says he never suspicion he would accommodate a President and says when a Commander in Chief calls, we go. He is in a chopper and says a Secret Service close down a atmosphere space.

He has to bound out of it onto a snow. We see Obama articulate about how he’s in “the bubble” and a Secret Service keeps him out of risk though it’s confining. He says to be with Bear in a woods is good and doesn’t get any better.

Bear goes to accommodate POTUS. Obama says he can substantially put adult a rootless tent and maybe can make a glow and that’s it. Bear creates it to a indicate to accommodate and says he’s nervous. He says to take a personality of a giveaway universe is unimaginable.

Obama walks adult on him and they shake hands. Obama says he never gets to transport and says he’s never set feet in a Alaskan wilderness. He’s happy to be out of a Oval Office and not in a suit. They come to see a Exit Glacier.

Obama says he’s not in that good of figure though for a President is in flattering good shape. He hands Obama some bear mist and they conduct out. Obama says he watches his show. They confirm to travel adult by an comparison forest.

Bear says bears hang around there and they have to watch out for a animals. Obama talks about flourishing adult in Hawaii and a pleasing mountains. They mark some bear fur on a branch. Bear says it’s a brownish-red bear.

Obama says a hair is some-more ethereal than he talks. Bear says they have to be clever afterwards says bears are many dangerous when feeding, safeguarding their immature and when we warn them fornicating. Obama says people too.

Bear says if we land on their territory, we behind adult while creation eye contact. He says if they come into your territory, we act large and make a lot of noise. Bear says they need to make sound in a timberland so a bears aren’t surprised.

Bear says his kids told him to ask Obama if anything scares him. He says when his mother is insane and says she gives him a certain look. Obama says he doesn’t have a lot of phobias though is customarily game. He asks what Bear is frightened of.

He says bad cocktail parties. They make it to a rockfall. He talks about how sleet freezes and cracks it. He finds a skinny square of stone to use to ready him lunch. Obama is disturbed what he will try to feed him.

Bear spots some leaves they can use for tea afterwards climbs adult and finds them some some-more leaves. They are catkins. They pierce on. Bear shows him a perspective of a glacier and a Harding Ice Field. We see Obama and Bear so a selfie adult on a stone nearby a ice field.

Obama doesn’t know how to use a phone and it’s locked. He has to scream to his Secret Service man for a passcode. Obama says he doesn’t have a smartphone and had to steal one. He keeps screwing adult with a phone and Bear laughs during him.

Obama says for confidence reasons he can’t have a smartphone and that’s since he’s clueless. Obama checks out a cold H2O from a glacier while he talks about how his daughters consider he’s boring.

Bear tells him don’t splash it or he’ll get diarrhea. Obama says a H2O is so cold since of a ice.

Bear shows Obama how to light a fire. They work on a glow and he gets it going fast. Bear says he’s good during all and Obama says he will never be a man who climbs Everest. They ready to make tea.

Bear talks about spending time with his kids. Bear finds a fish half eaten by a bear. He says they ate a high fat content. Obama talks about how he doesn’t consider a White House should be ostentatious.

They speak about their kids and afterwards Bear’s seductiveness in outdoorsy stuff. Bear says his father was a commando form guy. Bear says he was a child that always climbed. He says he always followed his interests and has been super lucky.

They try a salmon that Bear baked and Obama says it’s juicy though Bear says we can smell a bear exhale on it. Bear talked about how a confidence people watched him delicately about what he ate and says Obama has a presidential food confidant to keep him safe.

Obama afterwards creates s’mores with Bear. Then Bear says there was a petition seeking for Obama to splash pee. They speak about that for a bit. Obama says he hopes he doesn’t ever have to splash pee. Then they splash their catkins tea.

Bear asks him to pointer an Obama commemoration – it’s a bottle opener he got during a airport. They contend a request together afterwards speak about scaling a face of a White House together. Then Obama heads out.