Run, Joe, Run? Donald Trump Would Lose ‘Overwhelmingly’ To Joe Biden In 2020

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Ready for 2020 yet?!

Neither are we, yet politicians are unequivocally meditative about it — and according to one absolute Democrat, it certain sounds like Joe Biden might be a male of choice to run opposite Donald Trump in a subsequent competition for President!

Really?! Don’t get us wrong — Biden is great, and integrity knows he’s WAY improved than The Donald, yet are we unequivocally picking between dual 70-something year aged white men???

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According to former Pennsylvania administrator and DNC chair Ed Rendell, Biden isn’t usually one of a options, he is “a superstar.”

Speaking on a New York radio uncover interview today, Rendell pronounced (below):

“To me it’s clear-cut: Joe Biden is a superstar. If he decides to run we consider he will win overwhelmingly … Of course, people contend [Biden’s] too old. But he’s usually a year and a half comparison than President Trump, and he’s in forever improved shape. we don’t consider age would be a cause in a Biden-Trump election.”

Hmmm… That would certain be… something!!! (FWIW, polls indicated Biden would CRUSH Trump…)

Again, don’t get us wrong: we’d adore Joe Biden as President. We would’ve desired Hillary Clinton as President though, too. But usually since Biden is around doesn’t indispensably meant he’s a best pick… maybe usually a protected one?

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The Democrats need a personality — preferably a somewhat younger one, and maybe a lady or a chairman of color. Maybe everyone could opinion for Kris Jenner again???

The Republicans already have a leader, and he’s one of a misfortune of all time.

Oh yeah… 2020 is gonna be fascinating…

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