Ronda Rousey Retiring? If She Doesn’t Win UFC Rematch With Holly Holm, She’s ‘Done’

It will be all or zero when Ronda Rousey stairs behind into a UFC Octagon. Either Ronda leaves her rematch with Holly Holm as a new Women’s Bantamweight Champion or she’ll travel divided from MMA totally and hang adult her gloves for good!

Nobody improved brave credit Ronda Rousey, 28, of not holding her detriment to Holly Holm34, seriously. In fact, Ronda sees her rematch with a new UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion as a matter of life or death. If Ronda doesn’t retrieve her title, that might be it for her career!

“I theory it’s all going to be dynamic by what happens in a rematch,” Ronda told ESPN Magazine in an in abyss interview. As Ronda recovers from her pride-shattering loss to Holly, a former undefeated warrior is uncertain what will occur if she loses again. “Everything is going to be dynamic by that. Either I’ll win and keep going or we won’t and I’ll be finished with everything.”

Wow. As if a stakes weren’t already high for what might be a biggest compare in MMA history, this could be a unequivocally final compare for Ronda! No way!  It arrange of creates sense. Ronda is “really f*cking sad” over her detriment and  she would be emotionally wrecked if she suffered a second defeat. Plenty of Ronda’s haters — from Laila Ali to Donald Trump to even Lady Gaga — would adore to see her leave MMA forever. However, Ronda will only use this hatred to fuel her comeback, and hopefully, her victory!

When quarrel fans will get to see that quip is still in question. UFC President Dana White announced that Ronda would face Holly again, that was a no brainer. There are hopes that Ronda will be adult to fighting during UFC 200 in Jul 2016, though that might be too soon.

Ronda’s suspended from fighting for 6 months after pang a harmful blow to a head. Not to mention, some of her teeth are still wiggling lax in her mouth. She won’t even be means to munch on an apple until a start of 2016, let alone take another shot from a “best striker in MMA.”

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Ronda unequivocally took a pounding in that fight. When she returned to Los Angeles, she hid her face since it was still badly beaten. Ronda swore she would lay low and keep out of steer until she looked better. She was finally seen in open with her boyfriend, Travis Browne, walking her pet array bull. While Ronda was all smiles, underneath that happy countenance was Ronda’s blazing enterprise to get behind in a ring and retrieve her championship.

What do we consider about Ronda presumably timid if she loses her rematch, HollywoodLifers? Do we consider she’ll indeed do it? Or will she win?