Ronda Rousey Keeps Her Face Covered As She Returns To America With BF Travis Browne!

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Oh, Ronda Rousey!

The MMA luminary was upset in a overwhelming knockout by a fists (and feet!) of Holly Holm Saturday night. On Tuesday, Rousey returned to El Lay on a prolonged moody from Melbourne.

When a warrior overwhelmed down in LAX, cameras were rolling and a stage was crazy — so crazy, in fact, that Ronda lonesome adult and hid herself in a sham while her new beloved Travis Browne walked her by a airport!

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Aww!! Considering Holm herself has upheld Rousey, and other open total like Floyd Mayweather, Jr. have come out in her defense, too, we wish she doesn’t feel ashamed for losing!

Then again, maybe Ronda is stealing herself since her face is still so painful after her heartless knockout.

Whatever a case, this coming in a airfield certain looks opposite than a final several times we’ve seen Ronda disembarking from planes (above)!

What do U guys think??

[Image around FameFlynetpictures.]

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