Robertson creates limit in UK final

UK Championship: Neil Robertson creates 147 in final

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Robertson creates 147 in final

Neil Robertson has turn a initial actor to make a limit 147 mangle in a final of a UK Championship.

The Australian’s bid came in support 6 to lead 5-3 opposite China’s Liang Wenbo in a best-of-19 final in York.

Thailand’s Thepchaiya Un-Nooh roughly make a limit progressing in a tournament, though missed a final black.

It is a 115th 147 mangle in snooker history, and a third of Robertson’s career as he looks to win a UK pretension for a second time.

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Un-Nooh misses final black in 147 bid

“Absolutely illusory from Robertson,” pronounced four-time UK champion Steve Davis.

“It was a clinical mangle early on, he picked a balls off nicely. He hold himself together unequivocally good generally after entrance a wrong side of a final blue.

“Un-Nooh missed his possibility progressing in a contest and that will have been during a behind of his mind, ‘please don’t do it again’.

“He took a large exhale before he played a final shot and there is zero utterly like a feeling of that. Also, doing it in a large final, a noble achievement.”

Robertson’s mangle was a initial limit of a snooker deteriorate that started in Jun and earns him during slightest £44,000, as prolonged as competition Liang does not make a limit of his own.

In a 2013 UK Championship, universe series one Mark Selby gathered a 100th limit break.

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