Robertson creates 147 and wins UK title

UK Championship: Neil Robertson creates 147 in final

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Robertson creates ‘sensational’ 147

Neil Robertson became a initial actor to make a limit 147 mangle in a UK Championship final on his approach to violence Liang Wenbo 10-5.

The Australian done a ideal mangle in a sixth support of a compare in York – a third 147 of his career.

The span traded century breaks in a initial event withdrawal Robertson with a 5-3 advantage during a interval.

The subsequent 4 frames were common to make it 7-5, though Robertson won 3 in a quarrel to take a title.

‘It was about digging in’

“As a kid, we always wish to make a 147 on a BBC so it was a dream come true,” Robertson, who claimed a 11th ranking pretension of his career and second UK triumph, told BBC Sport.

“In a end, it was about digging in and nicking frames.”

The final featured dual left-handers with resisting personalities; a totalled universe series 3 Robertson and his individualist Chinese opponent, who frequently played to a throng and mostly slapped himself in a face.

Surprise finalist Liang, who changed into a tip 16 by reaching a final, added: “There was vigour and we don’t know why, we didn’t concentrate. The vigour shots we didn’t play really well.”

The pretentious maximum

Having seen Thailand’s Thepchaiya Un-Nooh skip a final black on a limit bid progressing in a tournament, Robertson went one better.

He indispensable to disquiet a cluster of 3 reds to keep a mangle going and afterwards kept his cold to pot a pinkish with a rest, before punching a atmosphere as he sunk a final black.

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Un-Nooh misses final black in 147 bid

Four-time UK champion Steve Davis described a mangle as “absolutely fantastic”.

“It was a clinical mangle early on, he picked a balls off nicely,” combined Davis. “Doing it in a large final is a noble achievement.”

How a compare unfolded

Robertson took a initial dual frames though Liang shortly staid in a compare with a 110. The span traded frames as a Aussie led 3-2, before compiling his shining 147 break.

The 2013 UK champion also took a subsequent frame, though Liang strike behind with a stoical 86 to route 5-3 after a initial session.

The male from China reduced a necessity serve with an 82 though Robertson responded with a mangle of 78 and also took a subsequent to lead 7-4.

Liang showed his battling qualities to take a 12th frame, though it was all Robertson from afterwards on.

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