Rithvik Dhanjani on operative with Anita Hassanandani in Galti Se Mis-Tech: It was free and a crazy time

Rithvik Dhanjani Anita Hassanandani Galti Se Mis-TechRithvik Dhanjani Anita Hassanandani Galti Se Mis-Tech Web array Galti Se Mis-Tech’s initial part has a fans going crazy about a chemistry between Rithvik Dhanjani and Anita Hassanandani and Rithvik confessed that it was indeed a insane time sharpened together.

Who doesn’t suffer spending time on amicable media? And all of us also have a possess small annoying mistake pas stories that we wouldn’t brave revelation anyone. But ALTBalaji is here to showcase those moments by a creatively launched web array Galti Se Mis-Tech. Starring a ever renouned Rithvik Dhanjani and Anita Hassanandani, a 10 episodes array will benefaction humorous interpretations of how amicable media and record lead to problems between a modern-day couple. When asked what got him to make his entrance in a digital space with this show, Rithvik, in an disdainful discuss with indianexpress.com, shared, “It was unequivocally a elementary preference when we listened a script. It’s been prolonged that we have been watchful for a good book and this was a short, honeyed and frail and unequivocally relatable story. So yes, a judgment was a primary reason because we took adult Galti Se Mis-Tech.”

Talking about a digital medium, a Pavitra Rishta actor stated, “It is on a bang and rise. we consider it’s a unwavering change of a audience, who wish to try out newer and initial calm on a internet detached from cinema and television. we consider it will usually grow bigger as a web is a future. we too suffer examination a lot of shows on several platforms.”

The initial part has a fans going crazy about a chemistry between Rithvik and Anita and he confessed that it was indeed a insane time sharpened together.

Rithvik Dhanjani Anita Hassanandan web array

Rithvik Dhanjani Anita Hassanandan web array

“There was a extensive volume of flexibility while operative (laughs), we unequivocally had so most fun. Anita and we know any other for a prolonged time so it all fell into place and we had so many insane moments together. we remember there was a stage where Anita had to dance and change her clothes, and we had to click pictures. Post a shot, we got a executive to do a same thing and we shot some waggish videos with him. It was super funny.”

Watch a trailer of Rithvik Dhanjani-Anita Hassanandani’s Galti Se Mis-Tech:

Since a array is all about how millennials are bustling on amicable media and also indulge in a lot of mis-tech (mistakes), we asked Rithvik about his goofus adult moments. “Honestly, we am not unequivocally a amicable media addict and haven’t had any vital blunder. Though we have tagged a wrong chairman infrequently on a post and we tend to undo it before it gets super embarrassing. But a situations that we have presented are unequivocally relatable and if not me, we know there are people who contingency have finished those stupid errors,” common Rithvik.

The actor recently hosted India’s Next Superstar along with Karan Wahi and pity his knowledge on a existence series, he quipped, “It was a good tour and there was so most to learn operative around Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Chhabra. we have only wrapped all a learnings around me, that we know would assistance me develop as an actor and person.” We serve asked him about either he didn’t feel that while Karan and Rohit were on a hunt for superstars, he too deserves to be in their films. “Honestly, there have been times when Rohit Sir indeed told, ‘Karan ek kaam karte hai, motel dono ko le ke hi film banate hai’ (Karan, let’s make a film with Rithvik and Karan Wahi). So it’s only perfect blessing that filmmakers like them know and know that we merit to be there, to do good things. So we am anticipating and praying that it should occur soon, and we am certain it will soon.”




Having hosted countless existence shows, be it Nach Baliye, Super Dancer, So You Think You Can Dance and Rasoi Ki Jung Mummyon Ke Sung among more, we asked Rithvik if it is severe to innovate in any one. “You are right, it’s unequivocally severe as we need to lift a bar any time. Hosting is all about being yourself and we can’t change too most only to innovate. So we try adding certain elements, that we have not finished before to move a mutation on a approach we control a show,” he added. Rithvik and Karan, for a matter of fact, introduced a hilarious, “good night, shaba kher, Anupam Kher, Kirron Kher, Sikander Kher, take care” as their interruption matter with this show.

Viewers can watch Rithvik and Anita’s fun adore story Galti Se Mis-Tech each Tuesday and Friday on ALTBalaji.

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